Defected North Korean Soldier Raises Alarm Bells About North Korea’s Latest Weapon

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For the past few months, North Korea has launched missiles.  It’s an open threat to the rest of the world.  Now, there’s a chilling twist.

Authorities found anthrax antibodies in the system of a North Korean soldier that defected to South Korea.  Channel A, a South Korean news network, reported.  A South Korean intelligence official leaked the news.  The soldier was either exposed or vaccinated against the deadly disease.  Either way, North Korea has anthrax somewhere.


Needless to say, the new information raised alarm bells in Seoul.  80% of those exposed to the disease die within 24 hours.  The only prevention is vaccination.  Unfortunately, South Korea has yet to develop such a vaccine.  The earliest it’s expected to be made available is near the end of 2019.  Clearly, that’s some bad timing.

The world has long suspected that North Korea has been dabbling in biological warfare.  The Korean People’s Army Unit 810 runs the Pyongyang Biological Technology Research Institute.  While Pyongyang claims it’s used for pesticide research, there’s a lot of “dual-use” equipment onsite.

Naturally, North Korea may be responding to the United States.  A South Korean journal named Sisa reported about tests that used live bacteria conducted in South Korea by the U.S. military.

So, what does North Korea dream of doing with anthrax?  Attaching it to Rocket Man’s precious missiles, of course.

From Asahi, a Japanese newspaper:

North Korea has started experiments such as heat and pressure equipment to prevent anthrax from dying even at a high temperature of over 7,000 degrees generated at the time of ICBM’s re-entry into the atmosphere.

In part, there is unconfirmed information that it has already succeeded in such experiments.

As expected, North Korea denied the accuracy of these reports.

Some U.S. media and experts are now groundlessly claiming that the DPRK is pushing forward with so-called ‘biological weapons development program’ as a part of the ‘wild ambition for developing the WMD…

Properly speaking, it is the U.S. stereotyped method to cook up untruths as truths, stubbornly insisting that black is white and fabricating anything for satisfying their aggressive greed. And the U.S. itself is an empire of evils full of plots, fabrications, lies, and deceptions.

We can only hope that President Trump’s administration will work to get this mess under control.




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