In Her Latest Delusion, Kathy Griffin Blames Trump’s Twitter for the Death of Her Career

She’s baaaaack.

Kathy Griffin is back in the news to discuss the picture that will define her no-talent career.  This time, she sat down with Politico to blame the president for the death of her career and numerous death threats.

The photo was on TMZ, then Drudge tweeted it, and then Don Jr. retweeted Drudge.  But the president’s Twitter feed is the greatest programming director ever. The minute he tweeted that tweet about me, it was literally breaking news on every channel.

Sure, Kathy.  I’m sure everyone would have ignored that picture.  It’s definitely Donald Trump’s fault.

Rather than blame herself, Griffin has launched a conspiracy theory about the tweet – aimed at a picture that was already going viral.

She recalled:

It was very soon after the Comey firing.  He absolutely used me as a tool to distract from his bad news of the day.

Griffin thought the picture would be welcomed by all with open arms.  She fantasized herself as a twisted champion of the people.  That’s when she got more than she bargained for.

The picture was condemned by both left and right wingers.  That includes the likes of Chelsea Clinton and former GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

After that, I had to go offline because of the death threats.  He didn’t use my handle in his tweet, so he didn’t have my followers coming after him.

I mean, how delusional can one person get?

Within days of the picture being released, Griffin’s career died.  She lost a job with CNN and, according to her, she still can’t book a gig anywhere in the United States.

I think it would have been gone in a week without his tweet.  Trump knows what would be perceived as something hysterical and he loves hysteria. There are millions of people who think I’m a member of ISIS to this day.

Remember…this is all the president’s fault.  Keep lying to yourself, Kathy.

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