Trump Hammers Biden As Corrupt, Incompetent At TPUSA Conference

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President Trump spoke at the Turning Point Action Conference on Saturday night in West Palm Beach, Florida to a roaring crowd. During his address, he touted his historic accomplishments and attacked Joe Biden’s character and competence.

“Biden is the most corrupt president in the history of the country by far,” Trump said.

Trump began by praising the administration’s success in building “the greatest economy ever in the history of the world”. He noted that China was going to catch up with America within 20 years but that it had no chance due to consistent economic growth under Trump.

Trump touted his historic accomplishments.

“We built the greatest economy ever in the history of the world. China was going to catch us for 20 years – 2018 China was going to overtake us…we were so far ahead of them they never had a chance and if we had a smart president they would never be able to take us,” Trump said.

The President then shifted to crushing Joe Biden as an incompetent leader who has failed to provide for young Americans. He pointed out that one-third of GenZ and Millennials have no savings accounts or money saved whatsoever. This, according to Trump, is evidence of a failing Biden economy.

“In the Biden economy, one-third of GenZ and Millennials have no savings accounts, and no savings whatsoever,” Trump said. “They have nothing. They have nothing.”

In addition, Trump mocked Biden over his disastrous performance at the NATO Summit in Europe earlier this week. The former Vice President reportedly stumbled over words and appeared confused while on the world stage – something that elicited laughter from people watching it play out live.

Biden was a mumbling mess on the world stage.

Trump argued that Biden is both corrupt and incompetent – an accusation that will likely be used by conservatives throughout election season as they make their case against Joe Biden’s candidacy for president of the United States of America.




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