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Judge Jeanine Pirro Explodes Over White House Cocaine Scandal

The Biden White House has again found itself in hot water, this time after a cocaine scandal erupted earlier this month.

While the Secret Service conducted a so-called ‘investigation’, it came as no surprise when it concluded without any suspect being identified. This outcome has left many Americans outraged and convinced of a cover-up by the Biden Regime.

Judge Jeanine Pirro was one of those Americans who voiced her righteous indignation over the events and cover-up at play. She noted how it displays to America that justice is not being served and that it is ultimately about “a Biden cover-up!”

The discovery of cocaine in the West Wing occurred after Hunter Biden visited and reports initially suggested it was found in the Library. Then later on, information emerged that indicated it had been stashed away in a storage facility cubbyhole within the same area.

At this point, there have been no fingerprints or DNA samples collected which could lead to identifying any suspects nor cameras located near where it was discovered which would help provide additional evidence or proof as to who might have done this.

It appears as though all efforts were made to ensure neither President Joe Biden nor his son are implicated in such an incident tarnishing their reputation and public image.

It is clear why Judge Jeanine blasted out her disapproval on these matters for she believes justice should be served regardless of social status or political power held by someone involved.

These events raise alarm bells for many citizens across America who seek justice for all parties involved – regardless of whether they possess influence within politics or not – yet feel let down with what has unfolded thus far due to unidentifiable suspects and lack of evidence collected from those present at the time when cocaine was discovered at the White House premises.

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