‘Spider-Man’ Rescues Toddler Walking on Roof in Rhode Island

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A man in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is receiving praise for his heroic act of saving a young child from a perilous situation. According to reports, neighbors were shocked when they spotted a toddler walking on the roof of a building near a busy street.

Concerned for the child’s safety, Michelle Higgins expressed her fear that the child might fall off the balcony hanging over South Main Street. However, an anonymous man quickly realized what was happening and took immediate action.

As the toddler repeatedly walked towards the edge near an open window, the man attempted to communicate with him and guide him back to safety.

Realizing that time was running out, he climbed up the side of the building with incredible strength and managed to grab hold of the child just in time.

According to Higgins, her son referred to him as Spider-Man due to his remarkable agility.

Video footage captured this extraordinary rescue as the man leaped onto the roof and swiftly bent down to catch the approaching toddler.

Despite being in a dangerous situation, it appeared that the child remained unafraid as he approached his rescuer.

Afterwards, the man places the toddler on his hip and gazes through a window, seemingly attempting to unravel the mystery of how the child ended up on the roof.

“It’s a good thing he was walking, or whatever, to come save the baby,” one neighbor told WPRI when he learned of the incident.

Another man jokingly said, “You know, my mom always says when it’s too quiet, you know they’re doing something bad.”

According to law enforcement officials, the child’s mother had intentionally opened a window near a bed inside their residence in order to allow fresh air into the room, as it had become excessively hot.

“He saved that babies life,” one social media user said of the man who rescued the toddler, while another person commented, “Relax Spidey he’s got this.”

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