James O’Keefe Infiltrates Secret Compound in Tucson, Arizona Housing Immigrants

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James O’Keefe, founder of O’Keefe Media Group, released new video footage on Wednesday as part of his investigation into a covert housing facility for illegal immigrants in Tucson, Arizona.

According to O’Keefe, buses filled with undocumented individuals arrived at the former hotel, now transformed into an illegal immigrant facility, every 15 minutes.

Law enforcement and security personnel repeatedly informed O’Keefe that knowing who was on the buses was not his concern.

Under Joe Biden’s presidency, over 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the country and been provided transportation, clothing, and housing at the expense of American citizens.

A Border Patrol agent stationed at the Lukeville border port of entry revealed that individuals from all around the world surrender themselves at these ports because they are aware they will receive leniency under Biden’s policies, even if they do not qualify for asylum or intend to work in America.

The agent stated that eligibility does not matter. In an attempt to gather information, O’Keefe disguised himself as a homeless person near the Ramada Inn in Tucson where the undocumented individuals are being housed.

However, when approached by police officers, security personnel, and Sheriff’s deputies, he was denied any explanation of what was happening and later faced threats of arrest.


O’Keefe also put a hidden camera on what he called a “Mexican illegal immigrant whistleblower” named Ceasar, who went inside the housing facility and discovered:

“They get paid no matter what. They rather have more of us here. More money for them,” said one illegal immigrant housed at the facility, according to the video’s transcript. The immigrant also told Ceasar that gang members were traveling in the caravans, and the Casa Alitas program in Tucson was providing them with airplane tickets. “They will ask about gang tattoos, but Border Patrol still lets those people in,” the illegal said to Ceasar.

The undocumented immigrant added that the organization would arrange transportation for him to the airport, where he could catch a flight to another region of the country.

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