CNN Abruptly Cuts to Commercial as Wolf Blitzer Appears to Be Ill

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CNN abruptly interrupted its programming on Thursday evening after host Wolf Blitzer seemed to be experiencing physical distress during an interview on his nightly show, “The Situation Room.”

While speaking with Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to take up the case involving former President Donald Trump and his 2024 ballot access, Blitzer appeared to struggle for breath.

As Raskin continued speaking, it became evident that Blitzer was in some sort of physical discomfort. Seventy seconds after Blitzer first showed signs of distress, the network producers cut off Raskin.

They immediately switched to a pre-recorded promotion for a Jake Tapper special on John Edwards, the disgraced former vice-presidential and presidential candidate.

Paula Reid swiftly took over as host as the promotional segment was abruptly ended.

“Wolf had to step away, he’ll be back, but there is other news we’re following here in ‘The Situation Room,’” she said before changing the topic to Tucker Carlson’s interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CNN has refrained from issuing a statement regarding the uncomfortable situation or confirming if Blitzer is facing any significant health concern.

The anchor disclosed his recent return to the show earlier this week, as he stated on Monday. Prior to the start of that night’s broadcast, the host posted a picture of himself seated at his desk.

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