Reporter And Biden’s State Department Spar Over Mandatory Pronouns On Emails

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As Americans, it’s become all too common to hear the Biden administration’s State Department implementing seemingly absurd woke policies within its walls. This time is no different.

At a recent press briefing, Associated Press diplomatic writer Matt Lee confronted State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel on a rather ridiculous addition to their emails: mandatory pronouns. That’s right, they’re making it so that individuals have to disclose their pronouns in each email they send.

In Lee’s words, “it’s ridiculous.” After Lee showed Patel an example of such an email, Patel claimed to not have seen the phenomenon, to which Lee responded that he had just presented it to him. Despite Patel’s lack of knowledge, Lee is more than convinced mandatory pronouns are being forced onto people, regardless of what their gender-identity is.

How can this be happening in a space where individuals should have the freedom to choose which pronouns they would like to have attached to their name, if any?

By implementing this “arbitrarily imposed” policy, the State Department is giving some people the “wrong pronouns” to those who identify by their biological sex.

Perhaps most concerning, is that this policy isn’t staying within the confines of the agency, but instead has grown to include emails sent from the State Department to other third-party individuals. Potentially other countries—And again, these pronouns are bein reported as incorrect for some.

Don’t you think that individuals should also have the same freedom to choose whether or not they want to attach their pronouns to their names? That seems like the entire bases for the woke argument but in a different light.

It seems to me, by forcing members of the government to have their pronouns (even if they are wrong) displayed b y their name is to give the illusions of some type of unity around Biden’s woke agenda.

The question of why the Biden administration is forcing individuals to attach their pronouns to their emails has yet to be answered. The decision-makers behind this policy should understand and respect the autonomy of everyone and their free will to make their own decisions, not dictate them.




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