Cori Bush Mocked For $14 Trillion Reparations Proposal

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It seems like every day there’s something new happening in the political world, and it just got a bit wilder. Reports have surfaced that members of the ‘Squad’, including Rep. Cori Bush, are calling for an astounding $14 trillion in reparations for slavery.

This alone sparked a world of controversy, as many do not feel the money will be disbursed appropriately or fix the great issue of racial inequality in America. On top of that, a staggering 70% of the country is against the suggestion.

To quote ‘The Five’ co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro, “Wait a minute. I thought this was to repay you for slavery. Now, Civil War, people dying. That’s not enough.

We need to get the money to send it abroad to other people. No. This is absurd. What it’s doing is it’s creating anticipation, just like [Calif. Gov. Gavin] Newsom did.

He signed the task force. He signed it when it got back. And then he comes back and he actually said, you know, this isn’t really all about money.

But what they’re doing is they’re creating division, a possibility of hope that it might happen, and then creating the division of us versus them mentality.”

So the question remains: is this proposed bill truly meant to help provide financial reparations to African-Americans, or is this another way for some politicians to pander to their base and cause division among the nation?

It’s no secret that a bill like this would be great political leverage for the Democrats, according to ‘The Five’ co-host Dana Perino.

This recent proposal to send US taxpayer money overseas is just one of many divisive tactics put forth by some Democrats, making it an easy scapegoat – especially during an election cycle.

It’s sad to see that the issue of slavery and racial inequality, which is a major issue in the US, has been turned into a tool for politicians to win favor and cause distrust among citizens.

We must work together to find a solution and stand united as a nation, but it starts by rejecting radical ideas that only strive to pit us against each other.

Whether you believe in reparations or not, it’s up to you to formulate your opinion and act with unbiased facts – not what’s popular or political.

When talking about an issue as important and historic as slavery, we must strive to be better and think objectively, never letting division come between us. This doesn’t mean to overlook the horrors of the past, but instead, use them to inform our present and unitedly pave a path to a brighter tomorrow.




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