Gov Abbott Takes On Dominion After Report Reveals Free Speech Attack In Lawsuit

The news of Fox News cutting ties with Tucker Carlson came as a shock to many of his loyal fans. What happened?

The answer may lie with Dominion Voting Systems. Texas Governor Greg Abbott weighed in on the matter, demanding answers from Dominion about their role in Carlson’s firing.

“If the public reporting is accurate that Dominion Voting Systems demanded that Tucker Carlson be fired as part of a litigation settlement, then I am happy that Dominion does not operate in Texas, and I don’t think that they should do so in the future,” Abbott declared on Twitter.

“We may disagree with other’s positions, but we should never try to improperly silence views contrary to our own.”

It appears that Dominion was trying to silence Carlson and his criticism of their voting machines. According to Axios, Carlson’s lawyers sent a letter to Fox accusing them of fraud and breach of contract.

The letter alleged that Fox had broken promises not to settle with Dominion as part of a settlement agreement, and not to take any action that would harm Carlson’s reputation.

Dominion denies that Carlson was part of the settlement agreement. In a statement to Newsweek, a Dominion spokeswoman said, “Nothing about Carlson was part of the settlement agreement and any claims otherwise are false.”

Regardless of whether Dominion was involved in Carlson’s firing, it is concerning that the company has the power to potentially silence a popular conservative journalist.

It’s clear that big tech censorship is a real threat to free speech, and that companies like Dominion have the power to interfere with it.

Governor Abbott is right to call for answers from Dominion. The public deserves to know whether or not a company like Dominion interfered with Fox News’ decision to fire Carlson, and if so, why.

We should also be asking whether or not Dominion should be allowed to do business in Texas in the future.

Fortunately, the news of Carlson’s firing hasn’t silenced him. He has announced that he will be bringing a “new version” of his Fox show to Twitter, which he calls the “last big remaining platform that allows free speech.”

It’s encouraging to see that Carlson’s voice is still being heard and that he is standing up against big tech censorship.

Governor Abbott agrees. As he said, no one should be silenced just because they disagree with the views of others.