Palestines Scream “Rape Their Mothers And Their Daughters”, Attack Family In A Mall

A video has emerged that shows a group of loud protestors with Palestinian garb, head coverings, and flags screaming into the streets of Manchester, Then later with Palestinian flags marching through a busy shopping mall attacking a White family while their two daughters are screaming and crying.

“F–k their Mothers, and daughters, rape their daughters, f–k all of the, We have to send a message,” a man said into the streets of England.

“Whose streets, our streets,” sounded like what groups do in riots in the US when someone starts the chat with something, and the others parrot it back. “There is yelling and screaming as the group is chanting as they pass by shop and pavilion workers, some with their phones out to record.

In the second video, a tall man with blonde hair is seen being harassed and separated from a woman and her young child while the group swarms him and pushes him.

The man is seen trying to shield his wife, who looked frightened, while two daughters scream; the couple makes it through the crowd, with the girls screaming and crying the whole time.

The White man can fend off what looks like an escalation of violence after some pushing and shoving. The mob of Palestinians and their allies are egging on a confrontation.


Yahoo new reported on the events, and the group was, in fact, from a rally that had spilled into the mall:

Free Palestine protest turns nasty inside Manchester Arndale shopping centre.

A Free Palestine protest on Saturday, 15 May in Manchester, UK, turned ugly as fights broke out inside the Manchester Arndale shopping centre. Around 300 protesters marched in the city centre in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza. Security in the shopping center was unable to stop the crowd or violent elements within it. People involved in the march also climbed on top of tram station roofs, close to overhead electrical cables. A number of police were following the crowd, but no arrests appeared to be made at the time.

Other footage showed the group causing a disturbance among others with a man climbing over the railings and walking along the outside of a safety barrier while on the mall’s second floor.


The same shopping center had been the scene of violence before, numerous times:

It appears as if the area is known for violent conflict and attacks.  The “Free Palestine” movement has emerged from a middle eastern conflict between Israel and Hamas, who are firing upon each other, with the IDF dealing massive blows in retaliation to thousands of missile attacks.

Due to Democrats embracing the terrorist organization who is warring with Israel, other leftist revolutionary groups embrace the menacing and having uprisings in the streets in other hot spots around the world.

In Canada, a Jewish man was attacked in the streets by a violent mob:


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