Multiple Shootings At Three Massage Parlors Near Atlanta Where Lone Shooter Leaves 8 Dead, Most Victims Were Asian

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There were three shooting attacks at several massage parlors near Atlanta, Georgia, which led to at least 8 dead.  Police captured a 21-year-old suspect hours later.  The shootings occurred at three different businesses across two counties around the city of Atlanta.

The shooter took the lives of four innocent people at a Cherokee County massage parlor, police said.  The incident at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor happened around 5 pm Tuesday and when the police got there two people were already dead and two more died at the hospital while another victim survived and was admitted.

Three-quarters of an hour later another shooting occurred 30 miles away at a second business where police eventually found three women murdered by gunshot wounds.

Then a third shooting took place across the street at yet another business where police eventually found one woman dead.

The two businesses were named the Aromatherapy Spa and the Gold Spa.

Police captured the shooter, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, after releasing a photo of him from a surveillance video to the public.  Long is from Woodstock, Georgia.  Police stopped him by using a pit maneuver which is where police will use their cruiser to drive up close behind a suspect’s feeling vehicle and swerve to clip the speeding vehicle on a rear corner of their vehicle which causes the suspect’s vehicle to quickly turn sideways and the driver usually loses control and stops the vehicle.

“It does not appear that robbery or theft was a motive, but that’s one of the things we’re looking into,” said sheriff’s Captain Jay Baker. “We don’t know what his motive was when he arrived or what motivated him to do something like this.”

As we speak there are people furiously trying to get any information they can on the shooter so they can blame the usual suspects: Qanaon, Donald Trump, white supremacists, and white Republicans in general.

Police have connected the shooter to all three shooting incidents according to NBC reporter Blayne Alexander

Someone who knew Long told the Daily Beast the guy was nerdy and thought of him as very innocent.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said he’s probably with Qanan.  Just kidding.  But I do guarantee that some idiot from the Democratic Party will use these shootings to push through their dangerous anti Second Amendment legislation which will end up causing only the rich and criminals to be able to defend themselves with a gun from people who want to harm them.  The rest of the great unwashed will be on their own.

“He was a hunter and his father was a youth minister or pastor. He was big into religion,” the identified person said.

According to police, at least six of the victims are Asian, which is why people who never ever wait for the facts to come out immediately suspected the shootings were part of a hate crime.  The cops are saying they’re not ruling a possible hate crime out though.


There has been a recent wave of attacks on Asian Americans.  There are many morons in the Fake News industry who are attributing those attacks to the coronavirus just so that they can trash former President Donald Trump because he referred to COVID-19 as the Wuhan virus because it came from China, and he once referred to coronavirus as the “Kung Flu.”  Forget the fact that the attacks on Asians seemed to have skipped an entire year only to began now that there is a new administration, but you have to be incredibly stupid to think that Americans would attack Asian Americans because COVID-19 started in China.  China is one country and the United States is another.  Someone needs to explain that to the Left.  It’s so patently obvious that Fake News is blaming Trump because they don’t want Americans to know what’s really been going on because the truth hurts their Woke Supremacy narrative.  Anyone with an IQ in the triple digits knows that many Asians have recently been attacked by Woke African Americans because the Asian-American community is standing up against Critical Race Theory that is being taught to their children in public schools.  Asian Americans are being lumped in with white Americans by the Woke Supremacy as systemically racist and on top of that Asians understand that the Woke leftists are trying to remove meritocracy from our American institutions and schools.  Democrats don’t want people who work harder to reap rewards for their hard work.  Instead, they want to support those who don’t work as hard but fall into a different race bucket Democrats always use because they believe it will bring them votes.







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