New Movie, ‘My Son Hunter’ Exposes What MSM Will Not

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Social media giants and reporters alike covered up the Hunter Biden scandal during the critical weeks before the 2020 presidential election. It likely helped him defeat President Donald Trump.

Now, filmmaker Phelim McAleer wants to show the world what voters missed.

McAleer’s next project, “My Son Hunter,” will detail all the sordid details behind the First Son’s misadventures.

Drug abuse
Shady business perks
Laptops gone wild
Government corruption
International wheeling and dealing
The story is ripe for a Hollywood biopic, but the industry would never tell a tale that would besmirch the Biden presidency. So McAleer will tackle it … with help from his considerable fan base.

He previously leaned on crowdfunding campaigns to fund “Gosnell,” “FBI Lovebirds: Undercover” and “Ferguson.” Those productions also shared narratives the press either covered up or spun to protect progressive interests.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

In “My Son Hunter,” we tell the story of the Biden Family Corruption through the eyes of Hunter Biden. You will be shocked by what you see on screen. You may think you know the story, but the truth is more damning than you could ever imagine!

Anyone visiting can make a tax-deductible donation to help the film become a reality.

“CNN’s Jeff Zucker told his journalists to spike the story so it never would be heard,” co-producer Ann McElhinney says in the announcement video about the Hunter Biden scandal. “This is a story that has to come out.”

The project is one of several ways right-leaning artists are working around Hollywood, an industry openly hostile to conservatives.

The Daily Wire recently introduced its first feature film, “Run Hide Fight,” to its subscribers. The film, which follows an empowered female student taking on school shooters, got the cold shoulder from traditional distributors.

The site also hired Gina Carano, unfairly fired by Disney, to star and produce in her own upcoming film. [Editor’s Note: This reporter contributes to The Daily Wire]

Comedian Ryan Long is currently writing a film project, one that likely will reflect his nonstop mockery of the woke agenda.

Talk show host Larry Elder made a successful foray into filmmaking last year with “Uncle Tom,” a searing documentary that skipped theaters and VOD channels during its initial run but still proved a success.

The site also hired Gina Carano, unfairly fired by Disney, to star and produce in her own upcoming film.

[Editor’s Note: This reporter contributes to The Daily Wire]

McAleer has a long history of telling stories other filmmakers won’t touch. That’s particularly true with his latest project, and he explained why he’s making “My Son Hunter” to The Daily Mail:

‘The truth deserves to be told and it needs to be seen by as many people as possible,’ McAleer continued in his statement. ‘An entertaining and enjoyable movie is the best way to tell the story of the Biden family’s corruption and to ensure as many people are educated about this as possible.’

‘If the media won’t do their jobs, we’ll do it for them,’ he said.






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