CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks California Governor Newsom About his Lockdown Hypocrisy: ‘What on Earth were you thinking?’ [VIDEO]

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CNN host Jake Tapper pretty much slammed California Democrat Governor Gavin “the Hypocrite” Newsom during a combative interview on his show “State of the Nation” on Tuesday where he confronted the governor with his own hypocritical lockdown failures.  Of course, neither Newsom nor any other Democrat would ever admit that one of their programs or policies was a failure.  They just look you right in the eye and say that it would have been much worse had they done nothing at all.

Newsom is facing a recall effort that is growing quickly and was brought on by the enormous backlash to the time Newsom attended a swanky dinner party at a fancy French restaurant without observing social distancing guidelines or wearing a mask with all of his rich friends.

“It’s been observed that the recall petition had only around 50,000 signatures until you infamously attended that dinner with multiple other households at that fancy restaurant French Laundry or whatever it’s called, a birthday party for a lobbyist no less, all while you were telling Californians that they should be staying at home,” Tapper said.

“So about 55,000 signatures before you had that dinner, then a month later, that 50,000 signatures had become something like 500,000,” he added.

“Now I know governor, you have apologized for that dinner, you have called it a mistake to go,” Tapper continued. “But I was wondering at the time, and I don’t think you’ve answered: What on Earth were you thinking?!”

Newsom also blamed Trump supporters by pointing out that California has the lowest threshold of the 19 states that allow a recall and “and all you need is about a quarter of the people that voted for Donald Trump getting this recall petition to the voters this November…” Is he really that out of touch?  Does he really think only Trump voters are angry at how he has treated them during the pandemic?  How obtuse can he be?

I still don’t trust Tapper enough to think that his questioning of Newsom was sincere.  Fake News people use a tactic to throw cover for their Democrat buddies by making it appear they are asking really tough questions to Democrats, trying to get at the truth when the reality of it is they are merely tossing them a softball for the Democrat to hit it out of the park.  First make it appear like what the Democrat did was really bad and then let the Democrat redeem himself in the eyes of the viewers.

“Well, it was a friend of over a quarter of a century, he was having his 50th birthday, restaurants were open in the state, I wasn’t suggesting people should not eat. Where I was wrong, and I’ve owned this, and I’ve held myself to a higher level of accountability even my worst critics, is that there were too many people at the table and that was a mistake,” Newsom explained.

Don’t you love it when someone says they hold themselves to a higher level of accountability when you know it means absolutely nothing at all?  Did he fine himself for breaking his own draconian mandates?  No.  Did he get punished in any official way? No. And that is why the people of California are angry.  Americans don’t like it when they get punished for something and the punishers get away with it.

“At the end of the day though, this recall petition was aided not just by that, was aided by a judge who also ultimately doubled the amount of time that they could get this recall supported and ultimately on the ballot,” he added.  So it’s the judge’s fault?  See what I mean about the Fake News guy swoops in to support their friend?


Tapper and Newsom then committed a lie by omission.   Tapper in an effort to help his buddy the governor tried to make it appear that the judge was doing something against Newsom but the reality of it is the judge extended the recall deadline because of Newsom’s own coronavirus lockdown orders that hindered the efforts of the recall organizers to get recall signatures.  Newsom didn’t say anything about Tapper’s gift hoping it would lead people to believe the lie of omission.

He also complained that the recall effort received $3 million of support, some of which came from other parts of the country aside from California.

“So at the end of the day, it’s complicated as to why this is on, but that’s not determinative,” Newsom concluded.

Actually, it’s not that complicated at all.  Newsom got drunk with power and prioritized punishment for those who disobey over leaning toward Californian’s liberties and the people are now letting him know it by working toward recalling him.




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