Iranian Illegal Alien Warns Reporter of Islamic Terrorism Coming Across Southern US Border

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Ben Bergquam, correspondent for Real America’s Voice, recently interviewed an undocumented immigrant from Iran and a former adherent to Islam.

The man warned that “Joe Biden is sleeping” while violence stemming from Islamic sources is infiltrating the United States through its southern border.

He went on to explain his belief that if the U.S. falls, it will trigger a domino effect of destruction across the globe.

When asked about his opinion of Islam, he described it as appalling and compared it to a variety of viruses spreading throughout the world.

Bergquam also reported on the influx of military-age males entering the country in Lukeville, Arizona daily.

“If I was governor here, I would be afraid,” the man said, noting that “all these people” coming across our borders are “military age.”

According to Customs and Border Protection, over 11 million undocumented migrants, predominantly males of military age, have entered the US since Biden’s open border invitation in December.

Bergquam posted the interview on X, commenting, “This might be the most insightful and terrifying interview I’ve ever done. Iranian national who crossed illegally into Jacumba, California, warns me and America of what’s coming. You must watch the whole thing! Listen to what he says about Trump versus Biden, it truly is incredible. Please share and help wake up the sleeping masses. Biden and the Democrats are National security threats! I would trade this guy for any of the Democrats in power right now.”


IMMIGRANT: If I was governor here, I would be afraid because all of these people in China, military age; India, military age; myself, I’m military age. And there’s a question coming up in here, one scary question. If an incident between the US and China occurs in Taiwan, what [will] these people do? Either they come on the side of the US or they take China’s side. I don’t know and no one knows.

BERGQUAM: What was the route you took from Iran?

IMMIGRANT: I come to Turkey, Turkey to Mexico, and Mexico to United States.

BERGQUAM: What would prevent a terrorist from doing the same thing?

IMMIGRANT: Nothing, exactly nothing. Real scary. I’m telling you friend, if you see Europe, politicians in Europe are sleeping. Like, don’t be offended, but Joe Biden is sleeping at the moment. It’s far more than terrible, not for US, for all of the world. Just look at the world. We have three wars. We have a rescission on the entire planet. Everyone say I’m wrong, but if you like it or not, if rescission comes in the US, like the pandemic, it comes in all the countries, and Joe Biden’s doing this it’s not good.

BERGQUAM: So Trump was better. You want Trump back in office?

IMMIGRANT: Despite that it fears us if you come and Trump is back, you will be deported, yes, I want Trump back. We have a sentence in our country that it means a lot for this moment: if someone betrays his family and his mother, just think about that, what he can do with the others… Joe Biden don’t respect the US. That’s my opinion.

BERGQUAM: How bad is Islam for the world?

IMMIGRANT: It’s terrible. It’s the new virus, the wave of viruses coming and you cannot prevent it like this. If you think people from radical Jihadist Islam and a radical system of Islam coming to your country and they take an oath of US citizen, and you think when there comes a time that they have to take a side between Islam and US, you will be so naive if you think they take the US’s side. Their minds are dead. Once, I asked one of my Islamist friends in Iran; he’s a good guy, he is a very respected guy at my office, and I asked him if your prophet tells you, you have to detonate a nuclear bomb, what would you do? He said, If the Prophet says it means it comes from Allah, and I would do it. And I respond that you’re one footstep away from being a terrorist. He don’t believe me, but that’s it. Islam is terrible.

BERGQUAM: How many terrorists do you think we have in America now?

IMMIGRANT: I don’t have the numbers but a lot. It’s lots of terrorists. And people are saying about America that America is not safe because of guns, but it’s ridiculous. America is safe, America has the strongest democracy and politics because of the guns because of your first and second amendment. America, guns don’t kill people. Radicalists kill people. Guns just do the action… Islamists will do. Islamists will come here, get the guns, get the C4 detonation, and kill people. They’re not good.


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