CEO of Illinois-Based Company Plunges to Death in Celebration Stage Accident

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An accidental death can occur at any given moment, and it is particularly unsettling when it happens during a celebration.

The impact of such an incident is even more devastating when witnessed by hundreds of people familiar with the individual involved.

Sanjay Shah, originally from Mumbai but now residing in America, successfully established Vistex, an advisory service company with over 20 global offices.

The company boasts an impressive client list including GM, Yamaha, Coca-Cola and many others.

During a two-day celebration event held in India by the company, tragedy struck as the tech CEO tragically fell head-first from a height of 15 feet on stage.

This shocking accident unfolded in front of countless horrified employees.

New York Post reported:

“Vistex CEO Sanjay Shah and Vistex President Vishwanath Raju Datla were inside an iron cage that was being lowered onto a stage as part of their grand entrance to a company party when a wire snapped.

Shocking video showed the moment the yellow cage hovering near the rafters began to wobble as fireworks exploded and a voice implored the crowd to ‘put their hands together’ for the pair.

The cage then quickly dropped to one side, sending the two heads of the Illinois-based company hurtling 15 feet to the ground — roughly a one-story drop.”

In the horrifying video, Shah is seen completely flipped over and landing head-first on the ground, resulting in a tragic fatality.

Additionally, the accident left President Datla in a critical condition.

“Although the cause was attributed to a snapped wire, officials are investigating the incident and faulty cage, which was pulled by a rolling machine and had iron wires and grills.

Shah and Datla were in India to celebrate their Vistex Asia’s silver jubilee, which was being celebrated across two days at the famous Ramoji Film City.”

According to a company official, Shah and Raju were being carefully lowered from the cage onto the dais as part of a planned event to initiate the festivities.


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