Phoenix Migrant Facility Worker Caught Trying to Bribe Journalist

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On Wednesday, O’Keefe Media Group unveiled a section of their “Secret Migrant Center” located at 1211 East Apache in Phoenix, Arizona.

American journalist James O’Keefe of O’Keefe Media Group posted a video on Wednesday in which a person working at what O’Keefe describes as a “secretive Migrant Refugee Facility” in Phoenix, Arizona appeared to offer a bribe in order to have him not report on the facility’s activities.

The alleged facility worker, Jesus Moreno, was seen on video demanding that O’Keefe vacate the facility, despite the fact that he was standing on a public sidewalk.

Moreno repeatedly accused O’Keefe of harassment and said his name is “none-ya” (as in none of your business) upon being asked to provide it.

Moreno gave a similar response when asked who he works for, and promptly slammed shut the gate of the facility he was working at.

“Video shows facility run by International Rescue Committee busing thousands of illegal migrant “refugees” every hour on the hour to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport,” James O’Keefe said.

“Migrants tell us they crossed the border illegally, as IRC given $415 million from Feds to give the pretense of refugee status and fly them on flights out of Terminal 3 and 4,” O’Keefe said.

“Tomas Robles an IRC staffer, called us “domestic terrorists” and reported us to the police for asking questions.”

Last month, O’Keefe Media Group released video footage of illegal aliens being dropped off at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona.

During the investigation, James O’Keefe interviewed a Jet Limo bus driver who confirmed that he had been dropping off individuals without valid documents.

On Wednesday evening, O’Keefe also released video of a Phoenix migrant ‘refugee’ facility worker attempting to bribe a journalist.

“How much did you guys get paid? I’ll pay you guys,” Migrant facility worker Jesus Moreno said to O’Keefe.

The personnel at the migrant facility demonstrated hostility towards James O’Keefe when he inquired about the organization responsible for transporting the undocumented immigrants to the airport.

In another part of the video, O’Keefe highlighted an exchange he had where a Venezuelan illegal immigrant expressed his plans to vote for Joe Biden in the 2024 election should he ultimately be granted asylum.

Upon being asked why he would pick Biden over Trump, the illegal immigrant replied that Trump does not like “Hispanic” people, whereas Biden offered him the opportunity to bring his family over to the United States.

This comes as the month of December hit a new record for the most illegal immigrant crossings at the southern border of all time, with Customs and Border Patrol agents relaying that over 276,000 illegal immigrants crossed the US-Mexico border before the end of that month.


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