This is How Much Food it Takes to Feed Our Troops Overseas on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today, we are grateful for our troops.

The Department of Defense released their 2017 statistics about just how much food it takes to feed our troops overseas for Thanksgiving.  Needless to say, the numbers are pretty incredible, but our troops are worth it!

The DOD supplies 98,820 pounds of turkey to the troops abroad.  That’s enough to feed about 65,000 people.

As we all know, not everybody loves turkey.  Not to worry.  Even more protein is shipped over for those soldiers.  They provide 47,880 pounds of beef, 31,650 pounds of ham, and 30,840 pounds of shrimp for the troops.

Not much information is given about side dishes.  However, 9,114 pounds of stuffing mix were used in 2015.  That’s just the mix!

The troops also get great desserts, too.  The Department of Defense provides 6,288 pies, 9,378 cakes, and 382 cheesecakes.  Not entirely sure why the cheesecake is so low.  They should definitely provide some more!  Paging President Trump…

3,110 gallons of grape juice are also shipped over.  And to celebrate the upcoming season, eggnog is also available.  918 gallons to be exact.

Currently, there are a little under 200,000 troops stationed overseas.  They are stationed in approximately 177 countries at over 800 U.S. bases.

The top three countries where troops are stationed in are Japan, Germany, and South Korea.  This comes as no surprise with the growing tensions in North Korea.

Since he’s taken office, President Trump has shown immense gratitude for military troops.  A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump dined with the troops in South Korea for Taco Tuesday.

As your family gathers around the table this Thanksgiving, make sure to extend a prayer to all of our troops, whether they’re domestic or abroad.

Even though it was released last year, this video offers a glimpse into the gratitude and happiness of the troops.  Check out the cake right in the beginning!  It’s good to know they can get a taste of home.

Watch the video below:

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