Hunter Biden’s Latest Legal Action Is A Bad News Harbinger For the First Son

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Special Counsel David Weiss’ investigation into Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings is intensifying.

Prosecutors have convened a grand jury in Los Angeles, obtaining documents and witness testimony related to the alleged tax crimes of the First Son, as reported by CNN on Thursday.

This development suggests that an additional indictment may be forthcoming.

From CNN:

James Biden, President Joe Biden’s brother and a one-time business associate of Hunter, is among the individuals who have received a subpoena in recent weeks, according to two sources close to the investigation.

The probe appears to be focused on Hunter Biden’s alleged failure to pay taxes by IRS payment deadlines, issues that were expected to be resolved by a plea deal that fell apart earlier this year. It is unclear if any witnesses have appeared in person yet or if investigators are looking at anything beyond tax matters.

After a plea deal for Hunter fell through, a federal court granted Weiss’ motion to dismiss the initial charges filed against the first son.

However, Weiss indicated that he planned to refile the charges in other jurisdictions, such as the Central District of California and Washington D.C., which had refused to cooperate with him last year.

This news indicates that Weiss is intent on prosecuting Hunter.

In September, Weiss successfully secured an indictment against Hunter on felony firearm charges and investigators are also looking into any potential violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act due to his alleged failure to register as a “foreign agent” when working for Ukrainian and Chinese businesses.

Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor, has noted that this recent development is “bad news” for Hunter going forward.

“It’s bad news for Hunter Biden any way you slice this,” Honig said.

“If we think about the potential tax charges here, it’s important to keep in mind: When Hunter Biden went into court a few months ago with DOJ, they had a deal that he was going plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses, and they agreed — DOJ and Hunter Biden agreed — that he had failed to pay over $1 million in income taxes that he owed,” he explained.

“So assuming, which I think is a fair assumption, that DOJ has evidence of that, that feels like the minimum charges he may face. It may get worse,” Honig warned. “But it’s important to understand the fact that there’s a grand jury does not ensure that there will be an indictment, but it certainly does make it more likely. And that’s a problem.”

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