[GRAPHIC] Chinese Social Media Daredevil Wu Yongning Plummets 60 Stories to His Death

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Wu Yongning, a famous Chinese daredevil, plummeted to his death from a skyscraper on November 8.  And he live-streamed the entire thing.

Yongning broke into a skyscraper in Changsha, the capital of the Hunan province.  As he attempted to do pull-ups, something clearly went wrong.  Yongning had set up a camera to capture his feat.  Instead, it ended up capturing the start of his fall from 62 stories.

The 26-year-old was known as “the Chinese Superman”.  His “rooftopping” adventures had gained quite a large following.  In the videos, Yongning would scale buildings without protective gear or safety harnesses.

From the China Daily Editorial:

From his interactions with his audience, it seems he really enjoyed the attention.  But with all the likes and comments, he overestimated his own abilities and finally lost his life because of that feeling. Had Wu not been so popular on live-streaming apps, he might not have died.

Yongning posted his stunts on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter.  In some videos, he’s depicted tiptoeing across scaffolding.  At the time of his death, he had amassed over 60,000 followers.

In his final video, Yongning wipes down a ledge and tests hanging first on his elbows.  About five seconds later, he gives it another go.  On the second try, he does three pull-ups and suddenly seems to struggle with his footing.

He struggles for about fifteen seconds then plummets off the building.

Although he died last month, the police did not confirm the death until a few days ago.  No foul play is suspected.

The South China Morning Post reported that Yonging was trying to win a $15,000 rooftopping challenge.  He hoped to use the prize money to pay for his mother’s medical fees and his wedding.  He was also addicted to the attention his stunts received.

According to his girlfriend, Yongning went up about 40 stories then scaled the final 20 before his untimely death.

Watch the video below:




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