WTF Is Up With Biden Using A WH Movie Set To Address Americans? A Trump Advisor Explains

You have to admit that it’s weird and really cringe-worthy to address the American public from the stage of a fake White House. So why does Biden keep doing it? I’ve seen several theories out there but so far, only one makes sense.

Whatever the reason, it’s un-presidential, concerning, and just creepy.

“Why does Joe Biden feel the need to use a Fake White House set across the street from the actual White House,” conservative commentator and podcast host Benny Johnson asked.

Another Twitter user asked if they’re not letting Biden in the actual White House. While others joke that Biden is secretly still in his basement—Which apparently isn’t too far off from the truth.

“Why did the White House build a literal game show set complete with fake windows for Joe Biden,” asked Abigail Marone, press secretary for Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley. “So weird.”

Trump advisor, Stephen Miller, nailed it, I think:

“The reason Biden uses this bizarre virtual set for televised meetings — and not an actual room like East Room, Cabinet, Oval, Roosevelt, Sit Room, etc. — is because it allows him to read a script directly from a face-on monitor (& w/out teleprompter glass that can be seen on camera),” Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, wrote on Twitter.

Biden addresses the American people from a weird White House movie set because he is too incompetent to speak without a script? As sad as this may sound, that makes sense to me.

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According to DailyWire, the set was constructed across from the White House in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The set looks a bit like the Oval Office, with big windows along a white wall. Biden uses the set for video conferences and other events that are broadcast online.

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This whole Biden being a President is nothing but a joke! Now he’s not in the White House but across the street REALLY! Now we do know that he’s just a puppet he’s not the President! Obama is getting his third term!



Mark Gravitte

You imbeciles that voted for that asshole are a special kind of stupid. The crooked son-of-a-bitch hasn’t got the balls to face the real American Patriots. The old Creepy Bastard is out in the woods with murdering slut killary cliknot talking to the trees. A DemonRAT isn’t capable of managing an abandoned shit house. There are people out there that need a heart and set of lungs and then you have those DemonRATS. God must love stupid people because he made DemonRATS. Losers!



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Lorraine E Blazich

Not too long ago puppet biden was seen making a speech with a green outline around him and in one picture the upper half of his head was missing and replaced by a green background. biden’s handlers are doing a poor job of producing movies of one of the four joe biden’s (there are at least three stand ins) making a speech. Perhaps biden’s handlers need to contact the movie makers in Hollywood to perfect their phony movies of joe.

David Shepardson

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gary b vogt

Too bad these posts don’t go by an admin person before they show up. That’s poor management right there. Guess I’ll be blocking this site soon.


Even with a teleprompter, the Dope from Delaware still screws it up! Whoever stole his brain could make a fortune getting it tested!

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It’s already in the pickle jar waiting for the lab to pick-up.

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Ralph Cramden

The absence of a proper leader in the White House puts America in a dangerous position globally, as the Chinese and Russians know we have a weak and feckless toad at the helm. The only thing worse for us, would be that Joe has another aneurysm and that socialist twat Kamaltoe Harris were to take the reins.


This was done by Obama before he left office…my guess it was for the same reason because Hillary had to be told what to say also and Obama is the one writing the words but Trump won so it was delayed for 4 years


This president is a total fuck up and the American people are paying for it.


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