Woke Medical Journal Rename ‘Women’, This Is Just Mental!

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The left has really gone too far pushing their ‘woke’ ideologies. Now a well-known medical journal in the UK, The Lancet, has redefined ‘women’. Lancet proudly explained that they will no longer refer to women in the proper sense. Instead, the journal from now on will call women ‘bodies with vaginas’, instead. It’s all part of some warped attempt to be more inclusive to transgender.

“On Friday, The Lancet shared the cover for the latest edition of the magazine on social media with an excerpt from an article titled ‘Periods on display’, which stated: “Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.”

The article itself, which was published on September 1st, refers to women four times and “bodies with vaginas” once, but the post prompted widespread criticism of the leading medical journal for adopting the language of the woke left rather than being scientific.

Political commentator Calvin Robinson said: “How is it that ‘one of the world’s leading general medical journals with a motto of ‘The best science is a good start’ seemingly doesn’t know what a woman is?! ‘Bodies with vaginas’ is unscientific and incredibly demeaning.”

Some level-headed medical professionals and academics in Britain suggested that they would protest the journal and refuse to work with them in the future.

Professor David Curtis, a retired psychiatrist and honorary professor of genetics at University College London, wrote: “Just wrote The Lancet to tell them to take me off their list of statistical reviewers and cancel my subscription and never contact me about anything ever again.”

Public response to the dehumanizing renaming is exactly what you should expect. Even self-proclaimed feminists were outraged, and they should be. ‘Bodies with vaginas’ is insanely offensive. Essentially, the journal upset the larger majority (actual women) to please a small group of the population.

What’s with the left’s weird war on women?




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