Sen Cotton Uncovers The Ugly Truth About What Happened In Afghanistan

Biden’s incompetence known no bounds and nothing underlines that fact better than the failed evacuation of Afghanistan. Any great leader would know to consult their military advisors before pulling troops out of a country that they have occupied for 20 years. What could have been been a victory for Biden, but like everything else, he screwed it up royally.

While questioning General Mark Milley, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and General Kenneth McKenzie Senator Tom Cotton uncovered an ugly truth—Biden waited until 10 days after Kabul fell under terrorist’s rule to consult his Generals. By then it was too late.

General Milley, Joe Biden has said that it was the unanimous recommendation of the Joint Chiefs that we not maintain a military presence beyond August 31. We’ve heard testimony that affects today as well. When was that unanimous recommendation sought and presented to the President?”

“You turn about the 31 August? So we’re getting on 25. August, I was asked to make an assessment to provide the best military advice—” Milley answered. Cotton pressed for specificity. “On August 25, I was asked to provide best military assessment is whether we should keep military forces past the 31st,” Milley said.

“Secretary Austin, was anybody asked before August 25 if we should keep troops at the Kabul airport?” Cotton asked.”This is the president tasked us to provide an assessment on whether or not we should extend our presence beyond August 31,” Austin said. “And as General Milley just said, that assessment was made, we tasked him to make that assessment on the 25th. And he came back and provided his best military advice.”

“Kabul fell on August 15,” Cotton said. “It was clear that we had thousands of Americans— clear to members of this committee. We’re getting phone calls that we had thousands of Americans in Afghanistan behind Taliban lines on August 15. And it took 10 days to ask these general officers. If we should extend our presence? I suspect the answer might be a little different. If you’re asking them 16 days out, not five days out.”


Biden was warned to leave US troops on the ground but he chose to evacuate. Worse, Biden accepted the demands of terrorists and chose to leave Americans behind rather than to push past the Taliban’s deadline to be out by August 31st.

Now we know, he also waited for nearly two weeks after Kabul fell to speak to his generals…

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