Watch: Pollster Thinks She Can Solve Biden’s Polling Problems, It’s The Worst Idea Yet

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In an attempt to get his poll numbers up, CNN said on Tuesday night that President Biden should go further left on the issues of the environment, crime, immigration, and abortion. National politics reporter Eva McKend warned that simply relying on young voters being appalled at Republican “vicious attacks… on trans folks” may not be enough to win re-election.

The segment was hosted by Alisyn Camerota, who reported that “President Biden’s latest approval ratings are weak as he launches his re-election campaign.” McKend described the current White House as one that does not really care about young people and claimed that they feel “as though they aren’t being listened to or they are being engaged at the White House, but they describe these interactions as perfunctory.”

McKend proceeded to run off a list of issues, including the “Alaska drilling project that the administration approved”, as well as “high-profile reversals… on public safety issues as well as immigration.”

What would ‘moving’ farther left on immigration even look like? Biden’s already for open borders.

She also stated that “it is not enough for the White House, for President Biden, to keep telling — and Democrats at large — to keep telling these young people, consider the alternative.”

In addition to the polls, Camerota also raised the possibility of a race between President Biden and President Trump and wondered “what would [young progressives] do, sit it out?” McKend affirmed that this was a possibility and claimed that “there is this skepticism about the effectiveness of the electoral process.”

The advice provided by CNN to President Biden is a dangerous one, as it implies that he should move further and further to the left in order to secure votes.

The radical policies that could result from this could be damaging to the country and its citizens. Liberal policies have been proven to have a detrimental impact on economies, and pushing these policies too far could have disastrous results.

Rather than advocating for radical policies, it would be more reasonable to suggest that the President should focus on policies that are supported by both sides of the aisle, as this is the only way to truly bring the country together.

Working together to find meaningful solutions to the problems our country faces is what is needed, not further pushing of political extremes.




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