Watch: Jen Psaki Gets Derailed By An Unhinged Bernie Sanders

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When it comes to the Democrat Party and the liberal media, one thing is certain: they don’t take kindly to any criticism or pushback. This was perfectly illustrated this past Sunday when former Biden press secretary and current MSNBC host Jen Psaki interviewed Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders about his new book “It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism.”

It was clear from the start that the Senator was not happy with Psaki’s line of questioning. After Psaki asked why Sanders decided to write a book trashing capitalism, the socialist curmudgeon quickly grew hostile. He demanded to know why MSNBC and other corporate media outlets weren’t screaming like a demented homeless person about his socialist priorities as he does every day.

When Psaki argued that they were talking about it now, Sanders continued to demand that they “talk about income and wealth inequality” and “corporate ownership of the media.” Psaki then had to point out that she had Sanders on her show to discuss all these issues.

Psaki quickly lost control of her own show and it was kind of hilarious. She poked the bear of socialism and was surprised when Sanders went off.

It’s kind of a joke at this point— What did Psaki think Sanders would want to talk about? The guy is a dog with a bone called socilism and it cost him two presidential races. Did she think her little two cents was going to change anything?



The fact that Psaki wasn’t talking to Sanders about his obsession with confiscating the wealth of rich people at the current moment he was on with her doesn’t mean she’s not in the tank for the left’s Anti-American agenda.

The truth is that Psaki and other liberal media outlets are only too happy to spread the Democrats’ propaganda. They are in the business of telling the American people what to think and how to feel. It’s time for them to start being honest and open about their biases and stop pretending they aren’t pushing a certain agenda.

It’s time for the liberal media to be held accountable for their double standards and stop giving the Democrats a free pass. Sanders’ attitude towards Psaki is just another example of how the left will only accept complete submission and nothing else. It’s time for the liberal media to start telling the truth, not just what the Democrats want them to say.




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