With Food Under Attack, Americans Are Stocking Up on Freeze-Dried Beef

Globalist godfather Henry Kissinger once said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people.”

We are witnessing his plans unfolding in real time with attacks from multiple angles on America’s food supply. Much of it is being done in the name of climate change hysteria, but the powers-that-be are also hitting us with diseases, sabotaged food plants, untenable new regulations, and a wholehearted push for lab-grown meats.

Liberty One News has partnered with an America First beef company called Preppers Organics out of Texas to offer our friends freeze-dried beef so we can all get stocked up. They’re the only company in America that has teamed up with real Ranchers to sell REAL beef such as freeze-dried, sous vide Ribeye cubes.

Our website is called

Preppers Organics’ motto, “Eat well today, Eat well tomorrow,” adheres to the notion that we should not be forced to eat anything we don’t want to eat now or in the future.

A large group of cattle in a grassy field

Unlike many other “prepper” beef packs, these are not leftovers or throwaway parts. This is why even their basic beef cubes have 24 grams of protein per serving. Compare that to “beef crumbles” or other high-fat survival food and it’s clear why we adhere to offering quality. Plus, the company has vowed to NEVER inject their cows with mRNA vaccines that government entities are trying to push on the beef industry.

For long-term storage, freeze-dried beef in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers can last at room temperature for at least a decade.  Whole Cows by Rants currently has discounted price freeze-dried beef, PLUS our readers can take advantage of launch savings now by using promo code “launch15” at checkout for an additional 15% off. Shipping is free in the contiguous United States!

The powers-that-be are taking control of the food supply. Savvy American patriots will stock up as much as they can now before the grocery stores completely replace real beef with lab-grown abominations… or crickets.

Go to USA Beef Boxes today to get incredible freeze-dried American Beef delivered to your front door.

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