Watch: GMA Airs Outrage Following Fired Insurrection Democrats

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The liberal media has been caught pandering to the Democratic Party yet again, this time with ABC’s Good Morning America hyping so-called “growing community outrage” over the ousting of two rule-breaking Democrats.

It seems the liberal media has decided to go all out to defend the insurrectionist Democrats, Tennessee state representatives Justin Pearson and Justin Jones, who were expelled for whipping up a mob on the House floor.

ABC’s Good Morning America weekend co-anchor Janai Norman opened the segment by trying to portray the Republican-led expulsion of these two black lawmakers as some sort of injustice. Meanwhile, ABC correspondent Faith Abubey took it one step further, claiming that even though Justin Pearson and Justin Jones are no longer state lawmakers, Jones “is still representing his constituents in exile.”

However, this was nothing more than an attempt to provide a platform for Democrats to air their grievances and push their far-left agenda. Sure, ABC did manage to squeeze in a brief soundbite from Tennessee Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton, but it was only two sentences long.

The rest of the soundbites were from four Democrat voters or supporters of Jones & Pearson, a soundbite from Jones himself, and the Democrat Vice Mayor of Nashville Jim Shulman who told ABC that he had received a lot of calls and emails in support of Jones & Pearson.

It’s clear that the liberal media is trying to play the role of Democrats’ PR machine and shield them from any real consequences for their actions. Not only do they fail to hold these radical Democrats accountable, but they also fail to report on the other side of the story.


The liberal media is no longer a source of unbiased news. Instead, they have devolved into a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and their far-left agenda. Their reporting has become so biased that it’s now impossible to get an accurate picture of what’s really going on in the world.

The American people deserve to know the facts, not a distorted version of the truth.




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