Turley Explains How Judge Exposed Criminal Charge the WH ‘most fears’ Against Hunter Biden

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Legal scholar Jonathan Turley recently commented on the potential criminal charges that could be brought against Hunter Biden.

During a hearing in U.S. Federal District Court before Judge Maryellen Noreika, prosecutors were made to admit that the investigation into Biden remains ongoing and that he could be charged for failing to disclose his work with foreign interests as required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Turley noted how, during the hearing, Noreika questioned prosecutors about the details of their plea agreement and concluded that without an understanding between both parties, no deal would be possible.

This decision effectively put the government in a precarious position since it meant Hunter Biden could still face legal repercussions related to his past activities despite having reached a plea agreement.

The implications of this development are quite clear: while Biden’s lawyers believe they have sufficiently shielded their client from future prosecution through a plea bargain, they may not have been successful in doing so after all.

But was this an oversight on behalf of both parties, or were they possibly working together to get Hunter off the hook AND shield Joe Biden from future legal scrutiny?

Turley Explains:

The revelation, Turley said on Fox News, presents the White House with the problem the administration “most fears.”

“This is a big problem. This was all supposed to be scripted. It was all supposed to be easy. And now it is off script, and it is anything but easy,” Turley said on Fox News.

“The judge just raised the one charge that the White House most fears, which is the chance that Hunter was a foreign agent,” he explained.

If Hunter Biden acted as a foreign agent under the definition set forth by FARA, that generates new and more problematic questions — potentially leading to answers that entangle President Joe Biden, Turley explained.

“The question is foreign agent for who and for what purpose? The president was that purpose. If you’re influence peddling, it’s influence over the president,” he said.

“So if you go for FARA, it’s going to bring all of this stuff in,” he continued. “All of that can get boot-strapped into a FARA issue. The whole purpose of this deal is collapsing as we’re watching it. And it’s taken Washington by utter surprise. I was on the hill talking with members, and everyone was floored.”

Weiss’ office has maintained, since first announcing the plea deal, that its investigation remains ongoing.

However, prosecutors have not said what they are investigating. Wednesday’s admission in court was in the first glimpse of what may still come in the future.




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