Tucker Carlson criticizes Biden’s handling of Ukraine crisis

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In a scathing rebuke of President Joe Biden, Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized the current administration’s handling of the war in Ukraine, stating that it was “reckless and self-destructive.” Carlson pointed to the emerging alliance between Russia and China, which he claims would greatly diminish the United States’ standing in the world.

“If Russia and China ever got together, it would be a brand-new world. The United States would be greatly diminished. Most Americans agree that would be bad,” Carlson said. “Now, as Donald Trump predicted very clearly, that is happening thanks to Joe Biden’s reckless and self-destructive response to the invasion of Ukraine a year ago this week, the economies of Russia and China are intertwined.”

Carlson also highlighted the increased economic ties between Russia and China, including a rise in Chinese spending on Russian goods and a surge in Chinese shipments to Russia. “Chinese car makers once made less than 10% of all cars bought in Russia, now China makes a third of them,” Carlson stated.

The Fox News host then contrasted the Biden administration’s offer of another $500 million in military aid for Ukraine with the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border and in the aftermath of a train derailment carrying toxic chemicals in Ohio. “The American border versus the Ukrainian border. One doesn’t matter at all, in fact, it’s racist. The other is so important we’ll risk nuclear war to protect it,” Carlson said.

He also suggested that Biden’s lack of interest in visiting Ohio after the train derailment was due to the fact that the residents of the affected area did not pay his son, Hunter Biden, $80,000 a month. “Unfortunately, nobody in East Palestine thought to pay Joe Biden’s son $80,000 a month. If someone had done that, if someone had been wise enough to pay off the Biden family eight years ago, things would be different,” Carlson quipped.


Carlson condemned Biden’s policies, stating that they were “destructive” and posed a threat to the United States’ position in the world.

I think that if everyone was being honest with themselves, even Democrats would have to admit that we are so much worse off under Biden. In security, financially, and as a country. Our global standing has taken a major dive. I’m not sure 2024 could come soon enough!

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