Trump Wins 2 Big NYC Lawsuits In a Single Day

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With all the lies the Democrats and the Left in media threw at Donald Trump consistently over his four years in office, which 99 44/100% of was total bullschtein, it’s amazing how every time they think they got the man on the ropes he ends up vindicated.

They started during his announcement speech at the bottom of the escalator, reporting lies that he called all Mexicans rapists. He didn’t, but many of them still report that to this day as if it really happened.

Every mainstream and Fake News media personality out there told America that Donald Trump was never going to be elected president. In fact, the New York Times on Election Day 2016 said that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of beating Trump all the until the polls closed.

The Democratic Party allowed Hillary Clinton to create a false story about Trump colluding with the Russians in order to get her illegal private email server off the front pages, something she was never charged for and she should have gone to prison for violating the Espionage Act hundreds of times.

The Democrats impeached him two times. Both instances were for things Trump clearly didn’t do. In fact, if we didn’t live in a post common sense world, the antics pulled by the Democrats during both impeachments would have had them laughed out of DC by now. I mean, come on, the second impeach trial was done after the man was out of office, an unconstitutional act. They did it for the slightest hope of Trump never being allowed to run again.

Remember when creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti sued on behalf of porn star Stormy Daniels, a suit that she admitted later she never approved of him filing? In the end, Trump was vindicated, and Daniels wound up being ordered by the court to pay Trump $293,000.

Donald Trump truly was the greatest president of my lifetime, and I voted for Ronald Reagan.

Speaking of out of office, Trump’s vindication just keep coming.

The former president has recently won garnered two courtroom victories, which he declared, which Trump said were “totally vindicating.”

On Friday, Summer Zervos, a former contestant on Trump’s number one rated show “The Apprentice,” ender her 2017 lawsuit against Trump where she claimed he had sexually assaulted her. Another lie bites the dust.

But the gifts kept coming on Friday as a judge threw out a lawsuit brought by Trump’s former personal attorney Michael [I don’t know how I ever passed the bar exam] Cohen against the Trump Organization that was seeking $1.9 million to cover legal costs earned by previous work he did for the company and another $1.9 million connected to his personal legal problems he went through in the early days of the Trump presidency, according to Reuters.

The New York judge said that the Trump Organization wasn’t responsible for Michael Cohen’s legal fees.

“In a nutshell, Mr. Cohen’s legal fees arise out of his service to Mr. Trump personally, to Mr. Trump’s campaign and to the Trump Foundation, but not out of his service to the business of the Trump Organization,” the judge said.

Zervos’s lawyers issued a statement explaining why she dropped the lawsuit.

“Ms. Zervos no longer wishes to litigate against the defendant and has secured the right to speak freely about her experience,” the lawyers said. They added that she still “stands by the allegations in her complaint.”

Zervos had accused Trump of unwanted kissing and groping back in 2005. She complained that Trump damaged her reputation by referring to the allegations as “lies” and retweeting a post that mocked Zervos’s claims as a “hoax.”

Trump’s lawyers were asking permission from the court to counter sue the onetime contestant.

“Ms. Zervos made the prudent decision to voluntarily drop her case without the exchange of any compensation or attorneys’ fees,” Trump attorney Alina Habba told Reuters in an email. “She had no choice but to do so as the facts unearthed in this matter made it abundantly clear that our client did nothing wrong.”

Trump said that it is “so sad when things like this can happen, but so incredibly important to fight for the truth and justice.”

“Only victory can restore one’s reputation,” he added.




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