While Signing Infrastructure Bill, Biden Tries To Mock Sarah Palin and Screws It Up Spectacularly

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On Monday, President Joe Biden tried to insult former Republican Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by making fun of comments he thought she once made. But his attempt went over like a bad night at karaoke.

As President houseplant was signing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, he started bragging about his experience with implementing bills with speed, discipline, and minimal waste, pointing to the 2009 Recovery Act under the Obama administration.

“I’m proud to say that when we finished implementing that Recovery Act, it was determined that there had been less than two-tenths of 1% waste, fraud, or abuse,” the president said. “And it was how I learned and earned the nickname ‘Sheriff Joe’ from President Obama. Because I made it a point, every single day for well over a year, to stay on top of how the money was being used.” He probably didn’t realize Obama was making fun of him.

Biden said he went all out to ensure there was minimal waste by frequently talking to mayors, county officials, and every state governor, “save one,”

Biden laughed and then said, “I won’t mention that ‘save one.'” He added, “She could see Alaska from her porch.”

Joe Biden has always seemed like a simpleton that polite company endured while feeling sorry for him because of a family tragedy decades ago.

There are a couple of problems with Biden’s attempt to insult Palin. First, Biden incorrectly repeated the well-known quote, but more importantly, Palin never uttered the statement. The quote that Biden was trying to remember was, “I can see Russia from my house.”

The problem is, Palin never said it. The person who made the comment was actress Tina Fey who said the line during a skit intended to mock Palin during an episode of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). That episode aired in September 2008 just weeks preceding the 2008 presidential election. Remember, Palin was running for vice president with Senator John McCain (R-AR). That was SNL doing its part to harm the Republican ticket to help Obama and Biden.

Didn’t the Democrats and the Left say that Donald Trump was a danger to our democracy (we live in a republic) when he would single out politicians the same way Biden just did to Palin? Double standards much?

The comment that Sarah Palin did say that was the inspiration for the SNL skit was about how living close to Russia gave her some foreign policy experience.

“They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska,” Palin said in September 2008.

Palin made similar comments later on when she told Katie Couric, who was a CBS News anchor back then, that governing a state whose neighbors are Canada and Russia, lends a degree of foreign policy experience to server as the vice president.

Remember, the Democrats hated Palin because she represented a disobedient middle class. The Democrats prided themselves on being the party that quietly created problems with the system while loudly solving them for the middle class, the largest group of voters in America, “Yes, Senator, my social security check did finally arrive in the mail. Thank you.” “Thank you, Congressman, for getting my mail delivery started again.” “I want to thank you, Councilman Smith, for having that pothole fixed on my street.”

Democrats are used to an obedient middle class.

Palin pointed out that government was the problem, not the solution. “Get to the back of the bus? Screw you, buddy. I have my own bus!”

The Democrats could never allow Palin to become popular because a disobedient middle class is a Democrat’s nightmare. So they attacked her day and night. An investigative reporter even bought the house next door to the Palin’s house just to harass the family.

So Joe Biden insulted former Governor Sarah Palin without provocation and I for one would like to go on the record as saying Biden’s miserable attempt at humor is a danger to our democracy (even though we still live in a republic).





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