Trump Fans Flock To New Social Media Site After Trump Shuts Down His Communication Blog

After the lackluster release of  My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s “Frankspeech” and the sudden decision of President Trump to shut down his blog, there was a bit of concern among MAGA supporters as to where they could reliably get information and communicate outside the censorship limitations imposed by Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

In a recent poll conducted by this news site, the social media forum called Spreely ( has emerged as the overwhelming favorite alternative to Facebook.

Seventy-eight percent of the participants in the poll agreed that Spreely offered the easiest to adapt, the best content and offered a facebook-like feel without the risk of being banned for comments, memes, and opinions.

Many Spreely members are already refugees of the Facebook purge and are no longer able to even access their  Facebook accounts at all.

Spreely was launched in October of 2018 and has grown steadily. The owners have continued to add interesting features to the site including a messenger feature that works much like the Facebook messenger app.

The name “Spreely” is a contraction of “Speak Freely” and the platform has certainly lived up to its name.

Spreely has recently expanded into a video platform, similar to YouTube, with the launch of While currently, content creators are limited, there is still a huge amount of content added daily.

In response to several members, Spreely has also expanded its video platform to “Connected TV” apps such as Roku, Apple TV and others. More information about this can be found on the website

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According to recent news reports, as many as 15.4 million people have been removed from social media platforms for simply having a differing political ideology from the tech giants.

On October 11, 2018 Facebook took the unilateral decision to wipe out hundreds of pro-Trump pages and groups totaling over 70 million fans. When asked by page owners why they were removed, Facebook responded with a generic letter that simply said that pages were in violation of the terms of service.


Facebook Finally Loses

Spreely is absolutely free and is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple store.

You can download the Android app here: Spreely For Android
You can download the Apple app here: Spreely for iPhone

Visit to sign up.


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Welp, I’ll see y’all on Spreely.


I get paid over $87 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless.

Here’s what I’ve been doing…

Alvin Holden

Who cares? Off topic.

Gerald S Ladd

Good money in sucking dicks, I see.


Best reply I’ve seen since January 20.

Chris Brosnahan



STILL a PROSTITUTE huh? What do your kids say?

Craig Swenson

I have seen a lot of free speech on Rumble also.


Rumbles good. But they censored a guy for being anti-lgbtq so they’re not completely clean of censorship. If you want a real place that never censors you should visit

Paula J

I’m against Google more than Fakebook or spitter. Is there any social media free from outsiders?


I have been hearing about spreely

Alvin Holden

Hearing what? A lot of noise.



Paula J

Google and Apple save your information and sell or give it to other sources. That’s what I had against Frankspeech, but I joined anyway. Apple wouldn’t help our Government get into a terrorist’s iPhone, but freely give up information to liberal sources.

Leslie Gibbs

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John Gaver

Please correct me, if I’m wrong. But what I’ve heard is that Spreely is using Amazon servers and Amazon does impose certain restrictions on free speech, albeit not as bad as FB and the Twit. is the ONLY social media alternative that uses its own servers, so they don’t have to abide by anyone else’s arbitrary rules. GAB IS ABSOLUTELY FREE SPEECH.

BTW, I have a Spreely account. I also have a Caucus Room account. I have several other accounts. But I use GAB probably 20 times for each time I use Spreely, Caucus Room, or any of the others. The only thing GAB will take down is anything that would get you arrested, if you said it on the street (i.e. calls for armed insurrection, threats of harm or death, etc.).

Captain Deplorable

What happened to Parler? I was under the impression that they were back up and running.


It is now pathetic, absolutely nothing like it was before and a huge disappointment!

JoAnna U.

I got on MeWe and they don’t censor stuff. It’s free and not all political. There are a variety of groups to choose from. It’s awesome

John Gaver

It’s just a matter of time before Spreely is forced to start banning conservatives. They are hosted on Amazon servers and Amazon has very strict requirements for moderation and “fact-checking”. Amazon will probably allow Spreely to get just big enough to have some serious debt and then start threatening to shut down their servers, if they don’t toe the FAKENEWS line. Since they will have some serious debt, by that time, they won’t be able to afford to be down for the few weeks it will take to get their system up on other servers or the months it will take to build their own server farm.

I’ll stick with, thank you. Gab owns their own servers, so they answer to nobody… except, of course, for their users.

Clark Kent

We are not on Amazon servers. We have our own equipment.

Judith Becker

Well thank you for making the case that from here on out we are doomed to self destruction!

Judith Becker

The world is in the process of God handing us over to full-blown Satanic control because our problem is sin against God. If you don’t have Jesus Christ as your personal savior, you will not go when Christ removes his church. And you will have to live through the most horrific time in history the world has ever seen called the Great Tribulation. When it is over Christ returns to earth. Read about it in the Bible.

Craig Schroeder

I had hoped to make some larger purchases for my budget with Trump in office and now I need to have the items, so I had to buy it anyway and I do not support old Joe’s economic circle.

Judith Becker

The democrats should be very afraid. At the end of time they are going into the Lake of Fire as the Bible states. All that dirty left-wing money they received will never be spent. There is no shopping at Neiman Marcus in the lake of fire and none in hell either. These people will pay for what they’ve done. If you have no fear of God, you pay.


I joined but I don’t see much, all videos (deaf and useless information if you don’t know what is being said plus the titles for the videos do not match what is shown!) so about a handful then the whole thing is repeated over again! Parler sucks now too!

John G.

The above fails to mention that Spreely is hosted on Amazon servers, which means that they MUST, under contract to Amazon, moderate their content. As I recall, Gab used to host on Amazon and when Gab refused to ban certain speech, Gab was kicked off of Amazon. Gab now has their own server farm and do my knowledge, they are the ONLY alternative social media site that does. So that means that among all the late-comers, only Gab is completely independent and beholden to nobody. The only posts they ban are those that would get you arrested if you said or showed it on the street (threats of or calls for violence, pornography, etc.). Even if you post something on Gab that is blatantly untrue, it won’t be deleted or even be given a “fact-check” flag. On Gab, it’s up to the reader to do his own fact checking.

Spreely is a good concept, but due to being hosted on Amazon, it is a poorly executed concept. I’ll stick with Gab. Thank you.

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