Breaking: Bodycam Footage Reveals What’s Really Going On At The Border

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This should make anyone with half a brain angry. The Biden administration pretends that the border crisis it out of their hands. Like it’s somehow a mess left by the Trump administration when in reality, it’s all part of their plan, and this footage proves it.

A New York policeman accidentally crossed paths with a government charter flight packed full of illegal immigrants. His body cam caught how these flights are planned. One man working security for the flight even admitted that “the government is betraying the American people”.

Newsbusters released the footage as well as a transcript so there is no mistaking what the men spoke about:

BILL MELUGIN: New bodycam footage out of New York shows the moment a local police officer came across a U.S. government charter flight that landed at Westchester County Airport in the middle of the night full of illegal immigrants. As they exit onto the tarmac, the officer questions the federal contractors.

FIRST MALE: You’re on a secure facility here and we don’t really know anything and we’re in charge of security. So, hence where we’re having a problem here.

SECOND MALE A lot of this is just —

FIRST MALE: No, I get it.

SECOND MALE: — down low stuff that we don’t tell people. Because what we don’t want to do is attract attention. We don’t want the media. Like, we don’t even know where we’re going when they tell us.

FIRST MALE: I get the whole secrecy and all this. But this is even above my pay grade.

SECOND MALE: What’s the big secret? Everybody knows it’s happening.

FIRST MALE: You know why? Because if it gets out, the government is betraying the American people.

Watch The Clip Below.

Remember how the White House claimed that these flights were just unaccompanied minors? Yeah, I don’t know about you but I see a lot of what looks like adults in this video.




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