Trans Loses It After Sonic Employee Uses Correct Pronoun- Then Gets Dragged On Social Media

A man suffering from gender dysphoria, identified on Twitter as Eden Torres, snaps after employees at a Sonic’s fast-food restaurant refers to him as ‘sir’. The restaurant’s manager quickly tried to apologize but that wasn’t enough for Torres. The manager also tried to please Torres by asking what pronoun he preferred to be called by, but Torres refused to answer that question.

Instead of telling the manager that he preferred to be called whatever pronoun he identifies as Torres told the manager to assume his gender. When the manager answered honestly and told him that he looks like a man.

Torres took to Twitter to ‘expose’ him. Shockingly, the folks on Twitter were not as ‘woke’ as I think Torres had hoped, and instead the already irritate Torres was dragged by users for his unfair treatment of the restaurant manager.


Sonic’s replied to the video.

“Eden, we have a strict anti-discrimination policy and take this very seriously. We launched an immediate investigation into the incident, and we have reached out to you via TikTok to gather more information needed to complete the investigation. Please feel free to DM us here.”

Torres commented about the incident on Twitter indicating that he didn’t want anyone fired but instead trained.

“The manager of this Sonic told me, it’s ok that I’m gay. I’m not gay. I’m trans. There is a difference between sexuality & gender identity. Clearly, the manager doesn’t know this. That’s ok but he can learn. Clearly, I’m not the only one who had issues. Don’t fire him, train him.”

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Twitter User’s Response:

“So the guy asks your pronouns (I thought you all wanted this) you then ask him to assume what he thinks you are (I thought you weren’t supposed to do that?) and then you get pissed at the answer. Literally, there was no way the guy could have won,” one user wrote.

“The employee asked you what you wanted to be called. Instead of answering, you told him to assume. When he did what you asked, you got upset. You had a chance to be called what you wanted but chose not to. This guy isn’t paid enough to put up with you,” another user tweeted.

Another user wrote, “In a real-life situation, most people would shrug it off if called the wrong name or sex. But no not you, you needed to make a scene. You have finally achieved your fantasy goal, TikTok fame, Whopti Fx’n do. I hope it’s all you dreamed it would be.”

Another one wrote, “He was being very polite to you. He called you ma’am. He asked what he wanted. He apologized. It really looks like you just wanted an argument. He did everything right. As much as you feel someone may have made a mistake, it’s very obvious he did everything right.”

There were also a ton of users slamming Torres for his over-use of hashtags—It really is a lot.

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Scott Benson

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How dare you assume I am interested in your financial come-on!
You are discrimating against me in assuming I am needy or idiotic enough to take your advice.
I am going to follow this closet queens example, and find you through this website, with my lawyer.

Black Knight

He is it is right. Training is necessary. It needs to be taught what sex it is as it is too stupid to know.

Scott Benson

Yep, Eden sure is one messed up Dude.


Seems like “E-dumb” to me.

Robin Bettencourt

If you have a dick….you’re not a chick. So STFU.


if you can get a prostate exam your are a guy and if you can get a pap smear your are a gal. Follow the science


Waaaahhhhh! My feelings hert by nasty peeps who won’t capitulate to my dysphoric whim.


This is so ridiculous and this person just wanted to cause some trouble this is what’s wrong with our society quit trying to make trouble with everything and everything that somebody says just go on your way

Scott Benson

“But, but, but….my feelings are so hurt. You should understand how I, Eden, feel? It’s Ma’am, Damn it”


What a fucked up individual. He is a man transing to be a woman, and he’s ordering everyone to honor him as a woman while his id is a man…………….weird dude. and to make that business owner take the time to listen to his idiocy is more than sickening. be what you want, but don’t make other people suffer for it.

Michael Bigler

Please people who wish to be called other than other see Please put the notice around your neck.

Mark Gravitte

If you were born with a penis, your a male. If you were born with a vagina your a female. You sick, freakish bastards have a mental disorder for which there is no cure. You freaks CANNOT change or alter God’s creation. I weep for the future. I would gather that you people are watching to much television. Sad, sad, sad!


stfu you stupid fucking dumbass syco


Who gives a sh*t what he wants to be called. No one cares. Tell him to get his head out of his ass!!!! Yes HIS ass!!

fuck off

you really think youre doing something misgendering her huh?


Miss it is a freak. End of story.


he/she/it is just looking to start a commotion for attention. he/she/it is getting that attention. stop catering to these idiots. they made the conscious choice to be different (no one makes you dress the way you do) and we are supposed to change? nope

Joe Momma

I don’t know why this mentally disturbed “person” in the car called the employee transphobic, when a phobia is a fear of something. I’m tired of hearing homophobic, Islamaphobic, etc. They should pick up a dictionary to find a new term which correctly describes a person who has a dislike of something.

Gerald Ladd

Who gives a shit. He should be hit over the head with a club. Only less tranny, or idiot.


Torres , pronoun for you BITCH . Period. Your the one confused. Your are an embarrassment


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Sure looks like an ‘attitude’ seeking a conflict to be expressed in.
Laugh at the situation and the instigator, and move on.


get over it and pull your big girl panties. your problem is you think you’re entitled … but you’re not.


Aha…we have a new gender – transidiot or is that a new pronoun?


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Ron C

How about Torres can pretend anything he wants to, and I’ll speak for myself….he is a dude, pretend to be a gal…period! End of story, you don’t like it, then blow it out your back-pipe freak!


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