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MSNBC Just Called Parents Mentally Ill “White Supremacists”- I’m Sorry, What?!

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You read that right. The hacks at MSNBC implied that parents are mentally ill and ‘White Sypemeists’. What caused this inciteful rhetoric? A discussion about Critical Race Theory and mask mandated. Apparently, host Jason Johnson and his panel of ultra-liberals deemed that anyone who stands in the way of the liberal agenda is crazy and racist.

“what does it mean that something that is generally boring and neutral, like a school board meeting, has become a locus for violence. How does that end up trickling down to what is and is not taught and possibly trickling up to higher level educators like yourself?” Johnson asked.

JOYCE VANCE [former U.S. Attorney]:  “Well, the focus that this brings to education is something that we’re not used to having. I think you’re absolutely right about that, Jason. And one has to wonder how this trickles out. Will school boards become far more careful, far more hesitant to do things that are brave and bold in terms of education initiatives? Right now, we’re talking about issues that involve school boards and how they’re competing in this new marketplace of ideas that exists after the Trump administration, but that could have far-reaching implications. It certainly has spun out in some areas with bans on teaching critical race theory, which of course impacts the work that both you and I do and helps us understand how policy developed in the wake of American racism and what we can do to improve policy in the future as school boards are challenged, for instance, over issues of whether critical race theory can be taught in our schools.

“We have… a normalization of some of the white supremacist ideology that we’ve seen emerging and some of the conspiracy theories that we’ve seen emerging, we also have a country that, to be honest, is not at its best mental health-wise, 18 months into a pandemic, and those issues are crashing together now. That’s very much what we’re seeing. We’re going to have to have some form of a national health restorative mission in this country to right-size things and get them back to normal.”


This is pretty typical liberal rhetoric. Claiming that anyone who does not agree with their agenda is a ‘racist’ is how the left has managed to force businesses to restructure and cancel celebrities who disagreed. This has been their one threat for the last several years and honestly, it’s played out.


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