Three States With Highest Vaccination Rates Are Stunned To See Case Numbers

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As the Biden regime, state and local tyrants, fascist woke corporations, and Hollywood leftists continue to push for authoritarianism to force unvaccinated American citizens (not illegal migrants they consider “unregistered democrats”) to get vaccinated, we are receiving more and more information that the vaccines are not effective against the COVID-19 virus or its variants.

Reuters reported that the Pfizer-BioNTech (which is still under Emergency Use Authorization according to the latest factsheet on the FDA’s website) vaccine’s effectiveness at preventing people from getting the COVID-19 virus dropped to 47% from 88% six months after receiving the second dose, according to data published last week.

There are studies and reports coming out showing that the vaccine itself is causing a lot of the problems the world is experiencing with COVID.

Data shows that states that have the highest percentage rates of fully vaccinated people are also showing the highest increases in COVID infections.

The jab is not preventing the spread of the COVID virus, but instead, it is being reported that those who got the mRNA vaccines are spreading COVID because they are creating protein spikes that create a high viral load.

Leftists who are telling us that states with the highest vaccination rates are best protected should take a look at the conservative state of Texas, which has a much lower rate of vaccinated residents, yet Texas has recently shown some of the best numbers. How can that be? They have hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants entering their state each month, the overwhelming number of which have not been vaccinated, and according to Border Patrol numbers about 40% of them have COVID, yet the state’s numbers are not rising.

There are three states that have high vaccination rates and yet their COVID cases are rising: Maine, New York, and Vermont.

New York has a vaccination rate of 62% fully vaccinated people, yet the rate of increase in COVID cases there was 43% in August.

Maine has a very high rate of fully vaccinated people at 71% but their rate of increase in COVID cases was 100% in August.

Vermont has the highest vaccination rate of fully vaccinated resident at 71% and they had a 34% increase rate in COVID cases over the last week.

It doesn’t take an epidemiologist to look at the numbers and realize that the vaccines are not working the way they thought they would. Looking at the highest vaccinated states and the lowest and comparing their COVID case numbers, something is wrong. The tech tyrants won’t let you talk about it because they are all in with the communists who are pushing mandatory vaccinations, so you’ll have to spread the news on social media sites that still believe in free speech.

What will it take for the Biden administration to come to grips that the vaccines are not working? They seem to be causing more and more people to get the virus. This is why they are producing booster shots, which eventually will stop working as well. Instead of realizing that and turning to therapeutics to treat COVID sufferers while the pharmaceutical companies work to get it right, Joe Biden is telling us ridiculous notions like unvaccinated people are causing vaccinated people to get sick. The whole vaccination program is a failure. They never should have pushed the vaccinations during the pandemic. We have data that shows vaccinated people are creating the variants, yet Biden says it’s unvaccinated people who are creating the variants, which makes no scientific sense at all.




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