The MSNBC’s Rage Patrol Claims NYT Covered For WHO? LOL

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The nets are addicted to anger, I swear. They find reasons to be outraged where none exists for them. MSNBC’s rage-machine Tiffany Cross and her partner in whine, Elie Mystal, just turned on one of their own. The pair claimed that New York Times basically covered for Trump and blasted them for not offering Clinton any fire cover after the Durham report exposed her for spying on a President of the United States.

I’m sorry, but this made me laugh because I have read countless smear articles by NYT writers that slammed Trump as a criminal. I have never witnessed an article where anyone at NYT sincerely redacted their claims after Trump was proven innocent.

“The hypocrisy of the New York Times here is off the charts. If you look at what they did with Hillary Clinton and her alleged [air quotes] email scandal, versus how they basically buried the story of Trump eating classified documents! It’s off the charts and shows you just how much bias we have in the media for Trump. ”

A quick search uncovered 3 new anti-Trump articles about the supposed ‘classified documents’ which is surprisingly low for NYT but after the whole Russiagate thing I can see why they would be reluctant to set fire to an innocent man, again. NYT is also notoriously in LOVE with Clinton—So what the hell are these to yahoos getting on about?



LETITIA JAMES: No one is above the law. I pursue cases based on evidence, based on facts, based on an analysis of the law . . . The politics stop at my door. He will not evade us, he will not stop us from investigating and to ensuring that individuals, no matter what title they hold, are following the law. And I’m confident that we will win.

TIFFANY CROSS: The “he” she was referencing, the Mangled Mussolini who’s had a very bad week. His long-time accounting firm dumped him over years of unbelievable financial statements.

The National Archives said he illegally brought classified documents out of the White House to Mar-a-Lago. And a judge refusted to dismiss a lawsuit against him for inciting the Capitol insurrection.

I mean, Trump is taking ills like a Cincinnati Bengal. And the biggest loss yet came on Thursday, when a New York judge ordered him, plus Don Jr. and Ivanka, to answer questions in attorney general Trish James’s investigation into their business practices. Oh, and they have to do it under oath. And, they have to do it in the next three weeks. Meaning things could soon get a lot worse for the former grifter-in-chief.

. . .

ELIE MYSTAL: Here’s the thing that I think most coverage is missing: the reptilian father that is Donald Trump is off the charts here. You cannot tell me as a parent that you would ever be willing to put your own children in jeopardy, in serious legal jeopardy, for some dirt you did. Right? If this was my family, and my kids were subpoenaed to talk to this woman, I’d be running, I’d be begging the court, no, let me take the weight, let me take all the responsibility. Don’t go after my kids. What kind of father is this that he’s putting his kids in this situation?

. . .

The hypocrisy of the New York Times here is off the charts. If you look at what they did with Hillary Clinton and her alleged [air quotes] email scandal, versus how they basically buried the story of Trump eating classified documents! It’s off the charts, and shows you just how much bias we have in the media for Trump.

In terms of punishment, I think that one of the problems here is that the presidential records act has no teeth. But the destroying of classified documents, that’s what we got Oliver North on. So we should maximally prosecute that. And yes, it could be used to prevent him from running for office again.

And again, this happened in Iran-Contra. It can happen again if we have prosecutors willing to go to the mattresses to get this guy anyway they can.




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