The Media is Blatantly Lying About AZ 2020 Election Audit Report – We Have the Numbers

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A draft, not the final version of the report from the Maricopa County 2020 election audit, was leaked, and the lying Fake News, mainstream reprobate media wasted no time jumping on it and twisting the reporting on it to falsely claim that Joe Biden is not only the legitimate winner of the Arizona contest, but that he won by even more votes than was thought. Nearly everyone in the Fake News media reported the leaked report the same way.

It’s all a fabrication. As per usual, the Fake News media lied their a*ses off.

As an example, Susan Milligan who claims to be a senior political writer for US News, wrote a piece on Friday with a headline, “Trump’s Audit Loss Unlikely to Discourage Other States.” My question to Susan: What audit loss? Did you even read the report? The overall audit shows massive election fraud.

From the Fake News writer:

Supporters of former President Donald Trump got a brutal political gut-punch Friday, when an “audit” by a firm with partisan funding and no experience in elections oversight found that, despite its best efforts to find fraud in Arizona’s 2020 election, Trump indeed lost the state.

The narrative that seemingly the entire mainstream news media was champing at the bit to report was that the Arizona audit proved Donald Trump wrong and Biden the winner of the state. And it’s all a lie.

What the media did was focus on the hand recount results only while completely ignoring the irregularities discovered which tell the tale of massive election fraud.

Put another way, if you have an election count of 10,000 votes and you do a hand count and come out with 10,000 ballots being counted, you can’t declare victory because the numbers match up while completely ignoring that many of those 10,000 ballots were cast illegally, but that’s exactly what the American press is doing.

According to the report, the part that the Fake News scumbags excluded, the forensic audit uncovered 57,734 ballots were impacted by irregularities, irregularities that no Democrat boot-licking sycophant in the media would let go quietly if it happened against a Democrat.

That number is five and a half times what Joe Biden’s certified margin of victory was reported at 10,457 votes.

To be fair, the audit team noted that “in many cases there could be legitimate and legal votes within the Ballots Impact amount,” but without investigating the ballots we may never know.

Because the state already certified the theft of the election, there’s really nothing that can be done at this point. No judge worth his Democrat registration card would hear a case to decertify even after an investigation proves fraud beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, the audit team has made a number of suggestions for the legislature to do to fix the abilities of Democrats to cheat to make the election integrity of Arizona’s future election more secure.

Let’s get into it.

So, the Fake News media used the hand recount results to claim Biden is the confirmed winner even though the audit actually shows more than 57,000 votes were impacted by irregularities, the same irregularities that seemed to plague all the other key battleground states; coincidence?

It was so bad that the state clearly stated that “full audit results validating the 2020 General Election are necessarily inconclusive.” What that means is though the audit discovered tens of thousands of what probably amount to fraudulent votes, without an investigation of the ballots, there’s no way to prove the extra votes were for Biden, even though the odds are ten to 1 in favor.

Though we will probably never get to the bottom of what happened, thanks in part to the media attacking the audit every chance it got, and to the scoundrel Democrats who refused to cooperate with the audit, and in some reported cases may have done illegal things to cover up wrongdoing in the process.

With that said, there are a huge amount of irregularities that impacted enough votes that it probably shifted the results of the election. Of the 57,734 ballots impacted, a little over 53,000 of those fall into the medium, high, and critical ballot categories that were flagged by the audit team.

The audit proves that mail in ballots were cast for voters whose voter registration IDs say they should never have received their ballots by mail because they moved. We saw the same thing happen in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If you no longer live at the address you registered under, you can’t vote in that district under that address. Yet, thousands did. Funny, right? Not really. Using dead people and people who moved to vote is a natural activity of the Democrats. They allegedly grab those identities which are available because of the National Voting Rights Act (NVRA) which orders all secretaries of state to keep people on voter rolls for years, even if they have died or moved. Democrats allegedly grab those identities from the rolls and use them to vote.

This problem is significant because, according to Arizona law, A.R.S. § 16-558.01, mail in ballots are never forwarded. This means that voters, according to state law, who moved and do not have a secondary mailing address that they notified the county of having, they should never receive a mail in ballot. That’s not me talking. It’s the law.

The audit team also discovered voters who voted in multiple counties. How could the lamestream media have ignored this? When the audit team compared the Maricopa County Final Vote File to the equivalent files from the other counties in the state, they found 10,342 voters with the same first name, middle, last name, and birth year, noting, “While it is possible for multiple individuals to share all these details; it is not common, and this list should be fully reviewed.” This means there allegedly were duplicate voters in one county and/or between two or more counties. And the media ignored it.

The audit shows that the official results don’t match who voted. According to Maricopa County’s official results, there were 1,915,487 early votes,  174,076 votes cast on Election Day, bringing a grand total of 2,089,563 votes. However, according to the Final Voted File (VM55), there were 1,912,093 early votes, and 174,038 votes cast on Election Day, which totals to 2,086,131. The difference between the two tallies for Early Voting is 3,394 votes, 38 for Election Day voting, which totals to a 3,432 votes. This is an important number, because early voting accounts for almost 99 percent of the disparity, showing us that mail in voting is not secure at all.

Here’s a big one that cannot be overlooked. There were more ballots returned than voters received. How the heck does that happen?

A close look at the Early Voting Returns File (EV33) and the Early Voting Sent File (EV32) there were 9,041 times a voter was sent only one ballot but two ballots came back and were received on different dates. Sorry, that’s voter fraud no matter how many years you’ve been writing Fake News.

This means that more than one ballot was sent out but wasn’t logged in the EV32 file, but that doesn’t alleviate the problem that more than one ballot per voter was returned. It is also possible that ballots were counted more than once. That’s something were heard happened in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania as well, that county workers were running the same ballots through the machines multiple times, allegedly intentionally. Another scenario could have been the voter cast their ballot in Early Voting and then went in and voted in person on Election Day. Done intentionally or not, that’s voter fraud.

The audit also discovered there were more duplicate ballots than original ballots. I can wait to hear how Susan Milligan will explain her missing this one. Am I picking on Milligan? Yes, because she so blatantly lied in her reporting. A lie of omission is still a lie.

The audit found that Maricopa County reported 27,869 duplicate ballots cast for the president, but the audit team found 29,557 duplicate ballots. And to make matters more suspicious, only 26,965 original ballots were “sent to duplication.” What sent to duplication means is there is an automated process that deciphers ballots that are either damaged or unreadable by the vote counting machines. So if there were only 26,965 ballots sent to the duplication queue, how are the numbers 27,869 and 29,557 even possible? Only by Democrat math.

From the report:

“A comparison of the total number of original ballots sent to duplication vs the total number of duplicate ballots shows that Maricopa County counted 2,592 more duplicate ballots than original ballots sent to duplication.”

“The audit team attempted to resolve the discrepancies, but those efforts were impeded by the County’s failure to properly identify duplicate ballot batches and failure to assign unique serial numbers to each damaged ballot sent to duplication and then match that number to the duplicate ballot printed to replace it.”

Another problem discovered by the audit that is being completely ignored by the media is that 2,382 in-person voters who moved out of Maricopa County prior to October 5, 2020 voted. That is illegal according to Arizona law. The same thing happened in Georgia only with a far larger number.

And last but not least, 2,081 ballots were received by people who moved out of the state of Arizona within 29 days of the election. The reason this is important is that Arizona law stipulates that these people are no longer residents of the Great State of Arizona and therefore they do not have the legal right to vote in Arizona.

While we may never know how badly the voter fraud was, thanks to corrupt judges and Democrats doing everything they can to block an investigation, the number of ballots impacted by the irregularities in the Arizona audit vindicates Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud and irregularities and proves what horrible worthless liars the members of our American press are.




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