Teen Carjacker Shot In The Neck [Video]

A group of armed carjackers in Houston allegedly went after the wrong person with one of them getting shot in the neck after a shootout with the intended victim.

Lt. Paul Bruce of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that they believe the same criminals shot a victim in another incident earlier on Tuesday. That victim, a man in his 50s, said shortly before 2 am several males approached him at a 7-11 gas station at 13722 Interstate 45 in the Westfield area and they tried to steal his truck. He tried to fight back, and they shot him in the stomach. He was taken to Ben Taub Hospital.

“The gentleman pulled in to get gas. Two men approached him for his vehicle,” Bruce said. “The complainant fought back and was subsequently shot by one of the suspects.”

Police were called to another shooting scene a half-hour later and just five miles away from the scene.

Seemingly like the original incident, the second crime that took place was where several males approached their targeted victim and tried to steal his vehicle at a Chevron station. Authorities said that a 14-year-old boy jumped into a vehicle and tried to steal it. Investigators said that when the owner of the vehicle saw what was going on from inside of the convenience store he hopped into the passenger side of his vehicle. Deputies said that he and the teen car thief got into a tangle inside of the vehicle. The owner grabbed a gun and started shooting inside of the car and the teen shot back. The teen was hit in the neck according to the 911 call, and the victim got out of the car and fled the scene, authorities said.

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Police said that when the shot teen carjacker got out of the vehicle and tried to get help, the vehicle owner came back, jumped inside his vehicle, and took off. The teen is in critical but stable condition and the driver is still missing, deputies said.

That carjacker suspect was taken to a hospital. Police said they think they are teenage carjackers that work together as a team.

The first victim who was shot is in stable condition and is expected to recover fully from his gunshot wound, according to a KHOU-TV report.

The outlet also reported that the second suspect who got shot in the neck by his victim is also in stable condition.

Carjackings have skyrocketed in major US cities starting at the beginning of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Young criminals are teaming up with older teens to commit the crimes.


In Chicago, Mayor Lori “Crow” Lightfoot said the police in the Windy City are giving a special focus on preventing carjackings by juveniles. Maybe she should spend more time on the extremely high number of shootings that take place every weekend like clockwork instead.

“We’ve got to intervene with these kids, there’s no question,” Lightfoot said, “but we’ve got to bring the message to the young people and let them know that if they decide to go into this direction — to rob someone at gunpoint — that we have to and will hold them accountable.”

You can’t trust a thing Lightfoot says anymore as one has to wonder if she made the statement to a white journalist since she recently created a racist policy that she will no longer accept interview requests from white reporters. A federal judge ordered the mayor to justify her racist policy toward white journalists. Any elected official who creates a blatantly racist policy should never be taken seriously ever again.

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Isn’t it interesting that the overwhelming majority of these types of crimes happen in Democrat-run cities? I’m not saying that crimes don’t take place in Republican-run cities but the overwhelming majority of violence, carjackings, rapes, and homicides take place in cities that are run by progressive Democrats. Could that be because the Democrats bowed down to appease Black Lives Matter and other race hustlers and started defunding their police departments? Last year Lightfoot proposed an $80 million cut to the police budget. Even if the city politicians don’t go through with the actual cuts, it still sends a message to criminals that the people running the city don’t support their cops. When you attack your police, bad things begin to happen on your streets.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects who were driving a dark sedan, either a Chrysler or a Dodge. Anyone with information is urged to call Harris County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

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The car owner should have made sure, the car jacker’s ticket was canceled, permanetly,


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who cares? Why dont you pay for your advertising, if you are making so much money! You are a phony loser!!!


CROW lightfoot needs to be stripped as mayor and put someone in there that is not AN IDIOT !!!


Lightfoot deserves some vigilante justice. Then get someone in there who actually cares for the people of Chicago. She’s a communist, and deserves a “gulag”. She has become unhinged. The broad is totally NUTSO! Get rid of this stupid commie.


Apparently, Lightfoot is the best candidate the black community could come up with.


For some reason, in the article I read prior to watching the video, made it sound like it was a group of 13 year olds. Then the video explains they are between 17-20? Yeah, these are not little kids, bored on summer break. These are grown thieves creating havoc for regular people.


Yes, but these criminals often use very young kids to do the actual violence, since our liberal-controlled ‘justice system’ will treat them leniently. The youngest murderer of this type was eeven years old! [ https://www.nairaland.com/4711288/sad-story-11-year-old ]


Sounds like they’re of legal age to be hunted!

Ray Copeland

This has to be a thug and the shell should have been between the eyes.


I wish they would report the calibre of the weapon used against these vermin. I suspect it was a .22 or ..25 or .32 — these are of course better than nothing, but will NOT really do the job., especially if they’re only hit once. Also, people need to learn some elementary moves in these situations … such as not focussing entirely on one attacker after he’s down, but being alert for his buddies — who usually flee. The rule should be, “Everybody gets served once before anybody gets served twice”.
This sort of stuff is going to become more common — the people who do it have low IQs, low impulse control, and little ability to consider future consequences. So we had better prepare.


thug city …..never expect any better….

Swave n deBoner

Keep your head on a swivel & carry a large caliber handgun when in big Leftist cities.


Intervene? Yeah, intervene with lead. Those little sh*ts need to be eradicated with extreme prejudice. Too bad he wasn’t paralyzed and his criminal conduct stopped for good.


Let me guess, the car jackers were white supremists. The greatest threat to this country..


No worries. The thugs will be right back on the street robbing and murdering thanks to corrupt judges and Attorney Generals.


When these thugs are shot when committing crimes I must admit it makes me smile.


Please note the they never the “race” of the victim the attackers/criminals.


Sounds like the teen got what it deserved. To bad the last guy did not shoot all the others and none had survived.


The vehicle owner needs to learn better Gun control(AIM) so the next time the car jacket won’t survive.

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