Taylor Swift Enrages Liberals in Her Latest Instagram Post

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Taylor Swift sent liberals into a hysterical frenzy by simply saying she had a great year.  Seriously.

Last Wednesday, the pop superstar posted an Instagram.  In it, she said she “couldn’t have asked for a better year.”  Of course, the triggered left refused to acknowledge personal accomplishments the singer had.  Instead, they bashed Swift in a post that thanked her accomplishments and fans.

Here is the post:

The outrage!

Liberals and the mainstream media immediately began to bash the post.  Kevin Allred wrote:

Is there anything more annoying than Taylor Swift talking about what a great year 2017 has been while everyone else is fighting for our lives under Trump?


The use of “shut up, Becky” is also quite interesting.  When it first originated, many considered “Becky” a derogatory racial slur towards white women.  Twitter hypocrisy strikes again.

Strangely, Swift has had a successful year from a personal standpoint.  Her album “Reputation” has been a successful rebrand and she won a successful sexual assault countersuit.  The countersuit earned her a spot on the cover of Time.

This year, Swift also sent flowers to a police officer involved in the Las Vegas shooting.  However, since she won’t join the other Hollywood elite in their crusade against Trump, she is seen as ignorant and pretentious.

Last week, New York Magazine’s The Cut published a piece bashing Swift.  It was titled “A Straight, White Multi-Millionaire Pop Star Had a Great 2017.

That’s not to say that Swift was only met with a tirade of hate.  Others came to her defense.  As Globe Lamp wrote:

Maybe Taylor Swift had the best year of her life b/c she won a sexual assault case in court, released an album that broke records, & is in love. Maybe it’s because last year everyone said she was “Over” & instead She rose out of the hate like a Phoenix.


All in all, it just goes to show how touchy the left is that a simple birthday post had this much backlash.





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