Speaker Mike Johnson Unloads on Biden’s DHS Boss, Mayorkas

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Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security under President Joe Biden, narrowly avoided impeachment this week.

Despite facing criticism for the security issues at the southern border and allowing an influx of illegal immigrants into the US, the US House refused to pass the vote.

It is estimated to cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions in costs as a result of Mayorkas’ actions. House Speaker Mike Johnson did not mince words when he accused Mayorkas of potentially committing impeachable offenses and declared him “one of the worst cabinet secretaries in history.”


The Washington Examiner noted that the vote to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas failed by a margin of only eight Republican votes. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) criticized these Representatives on social media, stating that their excuses were “pathetic” and asking how many more Americans need to die as they claim impeachment needs to be done “the right way.”

The articles accused Mayorkas of violating federal law by creating circumstances which allowed millions of illegal aliens entry into the United States and access to various benefits programs.

This was documented in a Daily Mail report, which highlighted how illegal aliens are utilizing American social welfare systems and other resources.

“Taxpayers have to front nearly half a trillion dollars each year because the Biden administration is not stopping migrants at the southern border,” the report said, citing an analysis by the GOP.

“The cost of providing education, healthcare, law enforcement and other expenditure resulting from millions of extra migrants adds up to as much as $451 billion a year, says the House study.”

The report quoted the analysis, which said, “Every day, millions of American taxpayer dollars are spent on costs directly associated with illegal immigration and the unprecedented crisis at the Southwest border sparked by … Mayorkas’ policies.”

It continued, “Mass illegal immigration, accelerated by Mayorkas’ open-borders policies, now represents a massive cost to the federal government and state governments alike, as well as the pocketbooks of private citizens and businesses.”

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