The FBI’s Cursory Investigation into Biden’s Golf Club Membership Turns Up More Bribery

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In August 2001, then-Senator Joe Biden was welcomed into Delaware’s upper crust when he was granted membership to the prestigious Fieldstone Golf Club.

Despite his image as “Middle-Class Joe,” a blue-collar politician, Biden had ties to the du Pont family, founders of a significant chemical industry.

This connection was solidified by his congressional service with a du Pont and his purchase of a du Pont-built home.

Lisa Dean Moseley, an heiress to the du Pont family, allowed Biden entry into this exclusive group by founding the Fieldstone Golf Club.

Over the course of Vice President Biden’s presidency, he has made at least 22 visits to the club; due to these circumstances surrounding Biden’s admission, federal agents had an interest in it.

In order for him to join Moseley’s Fife Hills LLC which she ultimately controls, her $34,000 first partnership fee was waived.

In 2007, the FBI began investigating whether Senator Biden had profited from the transfer of an “unused” membership warrant without reporting it.

As part of the investigation, photos were taken of Biden’s locker at the club to determine if any outstanding payments or dues remained for which he was liable.

Following the conclusion of this examination, it was found that neither Biden nor Moseley (who passed away in 2016) had broken any laws.

Despite his ability to navigate through both finances and luxury with ease, this investigation has never been made public before and provides insight into how he has been able to maintain a fiscally conservative reputation.

Coming from a lower-middle-class background, Biden’s acceptance into the Du Ponts’ social circles was a significant milestone.

To provide stability for their family, Biden’s father moved them from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Wilmington, Delaware so that he could take advantage of the available positions at DuPont.

However, rather than opting for a more traditional career path at DuPont, Biden chose to pursue a career in law and politics due to his desire to generate greater financial success.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted an investigation into then-Senator Joe Biden’s membership at the Fieldstone Golf Club due to concerns that he may have been receiving undisclosed benefits from Moseley.

The inquiry was intended to ascertain whether or not the arrangement could be considered analogous to a club initiation fee, which would require disclosure.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Wilmington, who had oversight of the investigation, ultimately closed it without taking any further action and the status of its associated case files remains unknown.

These revelations add another dimension to Biden’s story and call into question his prior assertions concerning transparency.

While his political accomplishments are evident by his current role as Vice President, his ties with a structure created by a Du Pont family member is equally noteworthy.

Despite this newfound power, Biden appears to maintain strong connections with Delaware’s upper class given his membership in such an exclusive organization as the Fieldstone Golf Club.

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