Scarborough Bashed DeSantis Supporters ‘Echo-Chamber, Idiots’

In an ironic twist, MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough recently criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his inaugural address. DeSantis won by a landslide in the 2020 election and gave a speech that highlighted how he believed that freedom was alive and well in Florida, while other states had consigned it to “the dustbin.”

Scarborough failed to recognize the irony of his attack on the Governor who had just been overwhelmingly elected by the people of Florida. It appears that instead of defending conservative values, Scarborough decided to go after the very person who embodied those values.

Joe Scarborough’s attack against Gov. DeSantis is indicative of a larger problem within American politics today—the death of irony. The term ‘irony’ has become synonymous with political debates and discourse as politicians are increasingly choosing to criticize one another for their words and actions rather than engaging in meaningful dialogue about issues or policies.

This phenomenon has resulted in an environment where there is little room for compromise or open-mindedness, leading to further polarization between parties and ideologies.

Scarborough tried to claim that DeSantis’s policies are why the GOP will ‘continue to lose’. Someone needs to remind Joe that DeSantis won by a landslide in Florida.



JOE SCARBOROUGH:  Well, you know, and Willie, of course, historians will remember over the past four years when the rest of the United States went the way of North Korea, but Ron DeSantis went the way of 177 — what’s he talking about!?


SCARBOROUGH: “Freedom the dustbin the dustbin of his–,” like what’s he’s talking-. Like, what idiots, well, I won’t ask what idiots actually believe that, but he’s so in a little bubble. Like this is the Republicans’ problem, it’s why they keep losing elections. They’re in this little bubble. They’re talking to each other. And for most Americans when Ron DeSantis says “when the rest of the country consigned freedom to the dustbin of history blah, blah, blah,” they’re like, what’s he talking about? Is he talking about North Korea? Is he talking about Putin’s Russia? Is he talking about Belarus? Oh, no, he’s talking about California and Texas and Georgia and Kentucky. I mean, how weird it’s just, again, it’s just so bizarre what an echo chamber these people live in, and it’s mind-boggling to me they still haven’t figured out this is why they keep losing elections.