Rittenhouse Alleged ‘Victim’ Busted Contradicting His Sworn Statement!

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Gaige Grosskreutz was shot in the arm by Kyle Rittenhouse during the riots in Wisconsin. The highly-publicized trial has proven to many critics that the teen was likely justified and had a reasonable fear that caused him to defend himself. During his sworn testimony Grosskreutz admitted that he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse prior to being shot.

He has since contradicted that sworn statement at least twice.

During cross-examination, Rittenhouse defense attorney Corey Chirafisi asked: “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him … that he fired, right?”

“Correct,” Grosskreutz replied. The defense also presented a photo showing Grosskreutz pointing the gun at Rittenhouse, who was on the ground with his rifle pointed up at Grosskreutz.

Grosskreutz, under follow-up questioning from the prosecutor, said he did not intend to point his weapon at Rittenhouse…

Grosskreutz also claims “the physiology of [his] wound” is “inconsistent” with his previous testimony under oath, adding basically that he was confused—Even though the cross-examiner clarified the question.

During an interview with Anderson Cooper, the CNN host questioned Grosskreutz newer claim (outside of court) that he never pointed his gun at the 17-year-old boy and had his hands up before he was shot. I should note here, that there is photo evidence that shows Grosskreutz pointing his gun at the minor.

The transcript is as follows:

COOPER: On Good Morning America, today, you said that you were absolutely not pointing your gun at Rittenhouse. Can you clarify that?

GROSSKREUTZ: Yes. Absolutely. First and foremost, that was a very tense situation, something that I’ve never been in before, just like having never been shot before. I think It’s important to note, though, that specifically during [cross examination], if there is a skilled attorney, they’re able to present questions to help support their narrative. That’s their job, and with one of the exhibits that attorney Chirafasi had introduced, there is a photo of me with my gun pointed toward the defendant, either just after or right during he had shot me in my right arm.

It’s important to note though that the physiology of my wound would be inconsistent with somebody being shot with their arm — and we’ll say, the traditional way that you would point a gun at somebody or something — the only way that I could have sustained the injury that I have is if I have been shot with my arms up. [Emphasis added].

COOPER: Did you ever point your gun at him?

GROSSKREUTZ:  I think that, again, in the still photos, it certainly looks like it, but never intentionally. You have to understand that following that gunshot, I had no use of my arm. I wasn’t able to move anything in my right arm or on my right arm.


I don’t get where Grosskreutz is going with his claim that he didn’t mean to point the gun at Rittenhouse. It’s irrelevant, according to photo evidence he had his gun pointed at the teen moments before getting shot. Rittenhouse couldn’t have known Grosskreutz alleged ‘intent’ and responded to, what seems to me, as a very reasonable threat.

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