Piece Of Schiff Says ‘I Have No Regret’ Promoting Fake Dossier, Gets Instantly OWNED

California Democrat and impeachment lunatic, Adam Schiff, blatantly says that he doesn’t regret promoting the fake DOssier used to try an impeach President Trump. Even though sources for the Dossier have now been indicted for lying to the FBI on multiple occasions.

Morgan Ortagus, a freaking guest at ‘The View’ is the first person to genuinely grill Schiff in years because the Democrats won’t normally put himself in situations to take actual questions. Lucky for us Ortagus, the former Spokesperson for the United States Department of State and financial analysts, knows her stuff. Ortagus held old Schiffty’s feet to the fire and the Democrat looked like he was ready to walk out:

“I don’t regret saying that we should investigate claims of someone who, frankly, was a well-respected British intelligence officer,” Schiff responded. “And we couldn’t have known, of course, years ago that we would learn years later that someone who is a primary source lied to him.”

“[Igor] Danchenko lied to Christopher Steele and then lied to the FBI,” Schiff said. “He should be prosecuted. He is being prosecuted. And I’ll tell you this, if he’s convicted, he should not be pardoned the way Donald Trump pardoned people who lied to FBI agents, like Roger Stone and Mike Flynn. There ought to be the same standard in terms of prosecuting the liars. But I don’t think there ought to be any pardon, no matter which way the lies cut.”

Ortagus slammed Schiff after he said backing a bogus Dossier doesn’t ‘diminish’ the cause. To which, Ortagus ended her segment by snarking back, “Just you credibility is… [diminished].’

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Special counsel John Durham’s indictment of Igor Danchenko, the principal source for the bogus Steele dossier used by the FBI as a basis for the Trump-Russia investigation, further illustrates that Durham has his sights set on the Clinton campaign.

Danchenko has been charged with five counts of lying to the FBI in interviews during 2017, as the bureau struggled in futility to verify outlandish allegations that Donald Trump and his campaign were clandestine agents of the Kremlin. Those allegations were compiled in the so-called Steele dossier, which the FBI relied on in obtaining surveillance warrants from a secret federal court.

The dossier was generated by the Clinton campaign. Its principal author was former British spy Christopher Steele. Steele’s main source was Danchenko, a Russian native based in the United States who worked at the Brookings Institution — a Washington think tank whose former president, Strobe Talbott, is a college friend of Bill Clinton’s who worked in the Clinton State Department.

Let’s not forget, that Clinton had a score to settle with Trump. The former President ran a successful campaign against the raging Democrat and humiliated her in the polls. He also was able to motivate half the country to seek justice for Clinton past crimes as they chanted ‘lock her up’.

The two-time loser had more than enough motive to pull the strings on the Dossier, but that is all speculative.

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Vic Bailey

If this LYING POS lied about this what else has he LIED to us about? Lock him up in GITMO and put him in front a Firing Squad. And he STILL says it’s true. Semper Fi.

RockyMtn 1776

Of course he doesn’t regret it. Good little Communists never do.


He has NO FEAR , of being held accountable for his crimes against America

Ralph Koepke

Shift should be removed from congress and America


To Guantanamo for rest of his ugly life


This bastard should be hung for treason!

Sasha Royale

“Piece of Schiff” ? very clever !

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