Police Stop Antifa Militants From Harassing Parents Protesting LGBT Curriculum for Minors

On Tuesday, law enforcement officials in Los Angeles clashed with radical left-wing activists after they attempted to block a pathway for parents who were marching to protest the introduction of LGBT curriculum for minors.

The protesters sought to make their voices heard at City Hall and the LAUSD headquarters, where the board was meeting to discuss the issue.

Latino and Armenian parents marched down the street, holding signs that read “Leave our kids alone” and “Lexit is against pedophilia”.


Law enforcement personnel clad in riot gear declared an unlawful assembly and attempted to disperse the crowd.

Reports indicate that members of Antifa and masked Communist revolutionaries engaged with police officers, leading to a physical altercation.

A few arrests were made by law enforcement as authorities attempted to clear the road.

One LAPD officer used his baton to beat back the Communists.