Warning: They’re Trying to Normalize the Cancelation of the 2024 Elections

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Ever since early 2021 during the opening days of the Biden-Harris regime, rumors and predictions started circulating. A handful of political prognosticators, conspiracy theorists, and even a few mainstream talking heads looking for a ratings boost began declaring the 2024 election might not even happen.

Those rumors and predictions have only increased in the two-and-a-half years since then. And while some of it is based solely on provocateurs attempting to be provocative, others have reasoned with both logic and anecdotal evidence that it really could be true, that the 2024 election might get canceled between now and November of next year.

I’ve thought the same but I’ve only mentioned it a few times on my show or in my writings because I’ve been waiting for one thing. The easiest way to know what the powers-that-be have planned is to watch their propagandists in corporate media. When they start planting the seeds, we know the plan is in action.

Here are a couple of those recently planted seeds, courtesy of Jack Posobiec from Human Events:

The NY Times

The Atlantic

Here’s their playbook. Step one is to come up with a plan to achieve their goals. Step two is to plant seeds through their corporate media puppets so people consciously and subconsciously start thinking in the “right” direction. Step three is to initiate the triggering event. Step four is to give the biggest middle finger possible to the American people. We appear to be in step two with step three slowly creeping forward in the form of Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0.

The goal is to maintain UniParty control of Congress, which isn’t too hard, and to retain control of the White House. But contrary to popular belief, they don’t just want a Democrat in the White House. They have needed and continue to need someone who is completely under their control, someone compromised and with no moral grounding. This is why Joe Biden was their perfect puppet. He is arguably the most compromised man in the history of American politics with multiple countries and the entirety of the Deep State having enough dirt on him that he would probably end his own life if they threatened to expose him and his crime family otherwise.

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Knowing that they want to maintain control for the next legs of their depopulation and control agenda, the plan is to either keep Biden in office or replace him with someone acceptable. I’m not sure if Kamala Harris was just an insurance policy for Biden or if the powers-that-be found her to be unexpectedly disappointing, but she doesn’t appear to be his replacement. We’ve heard grumblings from Gavin Newsom. We’ve heard rumors about Michelle Obama. But why have bigger moves not been made? It could be because they have plans to cancel the election.

The biggest piece of evidence to my conspiratorial mind that the 2024 election will be canceled is the fact that they haven’t made a move against Biden yet. The easy button for them would be to get rid of Kamala Harris by making her an ambassador or even a Supreme Court justice )God forbid!), then sliding in Newsom, Obama, Susan Rice, or someone else desirable and controllable by the Globalist Elite Cabal as VP. Then, Joe steps down.

That may still be the plan. If it is, then the timing seems off. I’m not an expert in the machinations of the Globalist Elite Cabal, but one might think that they’d at least be moving against Harris by now. Since the chirping from corporate media is about canceling elections instead of canceling Kamala, I’m inclined to lean toward a bypassing 2024 as their big plan.

Some would argue that they would never do that because it would tear the nation apart. It’s true. Canceling the election for any reason WOULD tear the nation apart, which to me is even MORE evidence that they’re at least considering it. Nearly every action taken by the Biden-Harris regime since the stolen 2020 election has been squarely geared towards destroying our nation. Will skipping the 2024 election be their coup de grace?

As usual, I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think I am. If we’ve learned anything the last three years, it’s that the powers-that-be are bold because they know their time is short. Their desperation could result in our destruction. Pray for this nation.

This article originally appeared on The Liberty Daily




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