Palestinian Supporters Target Grand Central Station In New York, Attempt To Breach Doors As Police Officers Shelter Inside

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On Friday night, a violent pro-Palestinian protest erupted outside Grand Central Station in New York.

The mob attempted to forcibly enter the station, leading to police officers taking shelter behind the doors in defense.

This alarming incident highlights the need for order within our United States, and federal and state leaders must take action to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.


For years, leftist funding cuts to police departments have left them vulnerable and unable to use force as a means of defending themselves.

This is not a form of protest that is protected by the First Amendment, and has resulted in increased anti-Semitism and terrorist activity in our cities.

The Biden administration has failed to take the necessary steps to combat this issue, which would include putting those responsible behind bars and deporting those who are here illegally.

This is not an isolated incident; last month, Hamas supporters took over the Brooklyn Bridge, while tens of thousands marched in downtown DC earlier this month demanding a ceasefire.

It is clear that further action needs to be taken in order to protect our citizens from these kinds of threats.


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