Fox News Reporter Nearly Blown Up by Hamas Rocket During Live Broadcast

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Friday, a rocket fired by Hamas from Gaza nearly struck a Fox News reporter covering Israel’s war against terror.

Trey Yingst reported that the blast damaged the building and vehicles near the country’s southern border.

Alarms still going off, Israeli soldiers and police officers arrived on the scene to assess injuries while Kayleigh McEnany, Fox News anchor, spoke just moments after.

Shrapnel from the projectile was visible in walls as it had bypassed Israel’s Iron Dome system.

“You can actually see a piece of the rocket,” Yingst told McEnany. “So, this is a small rocket and what you’re looking at is shrapnel from the rocket. They are collecting this as we speak.”

The reporter remarked that Israel had been bombarded with so many rockets that the Iron Dome couldn’t intercept them all, and then displayed a fragment of one of the missiles to the network’s audience.

“That’s the engine from the rocket,” he said.

Yingst went on to elucidate that the Iron Dome system is designed to allow certain rockets to pass if they are destined for regions where people have been evacuated.

This is done in order to conserve the missiles which can be more effective at safeguarding populated areas.

Later, Yingst posted a video on his X page, taken by CNN photojournalist Matthias Somm, depicting the moment when the projectile detonated within approximately 100 feet of where Yingst and other reporters were located.

Yingst later uploaded a video to X, where he recounted the intense experience of having a missile explode close by.

He explained that Israeli civilians have very little time – approximately 10 seconds – to react before a fired projectile reaches its destination, if it is not intercepted.

“It gives you a sense of just how little time people have in these southern communities to respond when there is rocket fire,” he said. “It is just by chance that no one was injured or killed.”

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