OUCH! Sarah Sanders Went For The Throat, Hammers Biden’s Inflation

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Democrats thought they had seen the last of Sarah Huckabee Sanders but now she’s in the running. A furious Sanders appeared on Jesse Watters’ Primetime.

“Inflation is a pay cut for every single American,” the Arkansas gubernatorial candidate told host Jesse Watters. “It’s hurting the middle class the most. All of the people you just showed [who] are struggling whether or not to fill up their gas tank or buy groceries and having to pick and choose — they are losing their freedom as Americans.”

She added that a mother should “never be terrified” of not being able to find baby formula in the United States.

“It’s disgraceful. It is absolutely embarrassing.”

President Biden “is frankly not fooling anyone, but he’s blaming everyone.

He refuses to assume responsibility for having been an “epic failure” and for the same failure that the Biden administration causes in “literally everything” it touches, she said.

What is more, the administration has no plans to fix inflation, Huckabee Sanders continued, saying its lack of solutions to ease inflation is “so astonishing.”

Huckabee Sanders called on “strong conservatives” to step up and push back against the federal government.

“It’s one of the reasons I’m running for governor,” she explained. “We have to make sure we have a coalition of strong conservative governors pushing back. It’s why I’m hopeful that Republicans will take back the House and the Senate in November, and stop the out-of-control, reckless government spending that is happening at the federal level.”


Biden warned Democratic donors at a Chicago fundraiser late Wednesday that decades-high inflation will “scare the living hell out of everybody” as the party faces the prospect of big defeats in November’s midterm elections.

“We can’t let this happen, guys,” Biden said. “So, we have to — we have to — and it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be hard, because inflation is going to scare the living hell out of everybody.”




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